Transform Your Financial Reporting

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Published October 20, 2015

Learn how to leverage SIRI to improve your financial reporting needs.

SIRI Financial Reporting

SIRI can help you with your reporting needs by:

  • Providing a shared view of financial picture with senior leadership
  • Displaying a units financial identity
  • Increasing Data analysis, trending, baseline reporting for budget
  • Aiding in making informed decisions
  • Promoting efficiency within your unit

Units Who Transformed Reporting

School of Management

Prior To Change They Used

  • Shadow system for some accounts and unit generated Excel spreadsheets
  • Flat financial hierarchy
  • Flat account structure

Transformative Steps

  • Assessed Dean’s Office and departmental reporting needs
  • Updated financial entity/hierarchy (organizational) structures to match reporting needs
  • Established account structure
  • Updated transactional activity, security access and internal processes
  • Trained staff on the use of SIRI

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Prior To Change They Used

  • Supplemental system for all activity with data feeds from infosource
  • Established structured entity/hierarchy
  • Established future commitment tracking process
  • One-to-many account relationship between SIRI and shadow system

Transformative Steps

  • Assessed how to get shadow system functionality into SIRI
  • Established account structure
  • Assigned campus use fields
  • Updated transactional activity
  • Designed customized reporting

University Libraries

Prior To Change They Used

  • Utilized SIRI for operational and strategic reporting
  • Structured entity/hierarchy
  • Account structure maintained in base systems.

Transformative Steps

  • Assessed VP and Departmental reporting needs
  • Updated entity/hierarchy structures to synchronize with reporting needs
  • Updated account structure
  • Updated transactional activity and internal processes

Get Started

The first step is to asses the VP and departmental reporting needs for your unit

Next Steps

  • Review and update entity/hierarchy structure to synchronize with reporting needs and data
  • Update account structure to match updated entity/hierarchy structure

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