New Policy Proposal Required

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Published August 18, 2016

President Tripathi has approved revisions to the Developing University Policies Policy that require an advance policy proposal.

Policy Revisions

Download Microsoft Word Template

Revisions include:

  • a requirement to submit the University Policy Proposal to assess risk and request university legal review
  • an updated policy template
  • responsibilities to assemble a writing group who will research and write the policy and procedures
  • a change in the title of the policy from Development and Issuance of University Policies to Developing University Policies

The policy includes detailed steps to develop and maintain a UB policy as well as a policy writing style guide to help you draft policies that are well-written and easy to read.


The university establishes policies to align operations, set behavior expectations and communicate roles and responsibilities. University policies:

  • endure across time and administrations
  • connect the university’s mission to individual conduct
  • clarify institutional expectations
  • support compliance with laws and regulations
  • manage institutional risk
  • enhance productivity and efficiency in university operations.

The university has developed a policy template and review process to achieve consistency and appropriateness, and formally approves, issues and maintains university policies in a central policy library.


This policy applies to all university level policies. This policy does not apply to departmental, office or unit specific policies and these policies may not contradict, undermine or relax the standards of university policies.


Questions can be directed to Pamela Lojacono in the Policy and Operational Excellence Office at 716-645-6070 or