Policy on Agency Fund Activities and Services Available

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Published November 28, 2016

The State University of New York (SUNY) policy, Agency Account Guidelines, is available in the University Policy Library


Agency accounts are used to receive, hold and disburse funds on behalf of students, faculty, staff members or appropriately recognized organizations. Agency accounts exist because there is a relationship between the university and the activity from which the funds are derived. These non-state agency accounts are funded from activities such as conferences, child-care centers, student activity fees, orientation fees and a number of other activities. Agency accounts are not to be used to receive, hold or disburse state funds.

Agency funds are maintained by university-related organizations which have an established relationship with the university. These funds contain agency accounts. Agency funds are resources held by a university-related organization in a custodial or fiscal agent capacity for the benefit of individual students, faculty or staff members, or appropriately recognized organizations and are not funds of the university-related organization itself.


The university-related organizations authorized to administer agency accounts are:

  • Research Foundation of State University of New York
  • auxiliary services corporations
  • faculty student associations
  • campus-related foundations
  • alumni associations


Questions about the Agency Account Guidelines Policy can be directed to Beth Corry at 716-645-2644 or bcorry@buffalo.edu.