Outstanding Service Recognized


Published July 29, 2019

We recognize the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed during the second quarter of 2019.

Employees of the 2nd Quarter of 2019

Investigator Therese Banas and Dispatcher Alaina Reid

During the spring semester of 2019, the department was working on a serious domestic violence stalking case. We worked with our partners at Campus Living to get an emergency relocation for the victim on April 27.

In spite of the measures taken to protect the victim, a suspicious person was reported in the area of her new apartment. Based on the details provided by the victim’s new neighbors, Dispatcher Reid started reviewing hundreds of hours of recorded video from the areas around the victim’s new apartment. Alaina was able to secure footage of the suspect searching the areas around the new apartment. In these video recordings the suspect was clearly using his cell phone as he searched the area.

Using the details that Alaina gathered from the video, Investigator Banas worked with the university's IT department. Terri was able develop digital evidence that verified that the suspect had been in the victim’s new apartment building. She was then able to develop a plan with IT to trace the IP address of the suspect’s phone whenever it logged onto the UB wireless network.

The combined evidence that Alaina and Terri were able to develop led to the arrest the suspect for Felony Burglary and Criminal Contempt as well as further stalking charges. Alaina and Terri’s persistence and dedication helped to ensure the continued safety of this domestic violence victim.

Congratulations Alaina and Terri!

Chris Bartolomei
Chief of Police
University Police

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