Outstanding Service Recognized


Published February 28, 2020

We recognize the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed during the third and fourth quarters of 2019.

Employees of the 3rd Quarter of 2019

University Police Field Training Unit

It is unusual for an entire unit to be nominated for Officer of the Quarter, but the challenges recently facing our Field Training Officers have also been extremely unusual. Beginning with the hiring of ten new officers in spring of 2018, well over twenty recruits have since been trained by our Field Training Officers. These officers willingly assume increased workloads and added responsibility in order to perform this critical function. Their hard work and dedication ensures that our community is served by officers who have met exceedingly high standards of competence and professionalism. Every member of this department also benefits from having such well-trained coworkers on their team. The quality of the FTO unit’s efforts is further evidenced by the fact that they were nominated for this recognition by an officer who recently completed the program.

For their initiative, leadership, and continued dedication, it is my distinct pleasure to announce the following individuals as Officers of the Quarter:

  • Lieutenant Jonathan Fletcher – Unit Leader
  • Lieutenant Timothy Bacon
  • Officer Daniel Behuniak
  • Officer Jason Converse
  • Officer Guy Harvey
  • Officer Nicholas Hoffman
  • Officer Alexandra Ince
  • Lieutenant Scott McMillan
  • Officer Russell Muff
  • Officer Bruce Pepi
  • Officer Eric Radder
  • Officer Anthony Vinci
  • Officer Brendon Zubek
  • Officer Dale Zulawski

Officers of the Quarter - 4th Quarter of 2019

Officers Douglas Takac, Kevin Sherod, and Alexandra Ince

On December 13, 2019, officers were called to respond to a male threatening suicide. Officer Takac was able to safely take the individual into custody with the assistance of Officers Ince and Sherod. He was subsequently transported for a mental health evaluation without sustaining any injury.

For their quick and decisive action, it is our pleasure to announce Officers Takac, Sherod, and Ince as Officers of the Quarter

Honorable Mentions - 4th Quarter of 2019

Officers Kevin Sherod and Shannon Sweeney

This year’s civil service exam for UPO-1 provided us with an opportunity to recruit new officers and to generate increased interest in our profession. Deputy Chief Sticht specifically worked with UB campus partners and other SUNY PD’s to focus on increasing the diversity our applicant pool. Officers Sherod and Sweeney provided a great deal of assistance in this effort, and volunteered to participate in presentations at the Educational Opportunity Center and to be interviewed on local radio. Both officers did a tremendous job representing University Police, and there are some early indications that these efforts have been effective.

Department Personnel

For their quick, professional and compassionate response to an incident in December, it is our pleasure to announce Honorable Mentions for the following department personnel:

  • Dispatcher Clamp
  • Dispatcher Pearce
  • Dispatcher Yost
  • Officer Hoffman 
  • Officer Sweeney
  • Officer DiSanto
  • Officer Virchau
  • Lieutenant Bacon
  • Lieutenant Urbanek 
  • Inspector Jay
  • Investigator Thompson
  • Investigator Colton

Chris Bartolomei
Chief of Police
University Police

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