Outstanding Service Recognized


Published February 26, 2019

We recognize the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed during the fourth quarter of 2018.

Employees of the 4th Quarter of 2018

Officers Bruce Pepi and Guy Harvey, Lieutenants Scott McMillan, David Urbanek and Scott Marciszewski

"On November 1, 2018, the department received a complaint of a pedestrian struck on Hadley Road. The striking vehicle had fled the scene. Lieutenants McMillan and Urbanek were the first supervisors to arrive, finding a victim who had been seriously injured laying on the side of the road. Lieutenant McMillan took control of the accident scene, securing witness information and evidence. Lieutenant Urbanek rendered first aid along with Fire and Ambulance personnel to ensure the victim’s survival.

Late on November 4, 2018, a witness came forward with vital information about the accident. Lieutenant Scott Marciszewski interviewed the witness and developed solid information on the suspected driver. Working with this witness, Scott located and secured the suspect vehicle. Working with our investigators, a warrant was secured and the vehicle was impounded and verified to be the vehicle in the hit and run crash.

Once the vehicle was in the department’s custody, Officers Bruce Pepi and Guy Harvey started the process of creating a time and position scale diagram of the accident. This diagram utilized video and photographs of the suspect vehicle and evidence that Bruce collected at the scene to determine the speed of the striking vehicle and actions of the pedestrian victim. This diagram determined that driver was at fault in this accident. Based on the information developed by Officers Harvey and Pepi, the Erie County District Attorney directed that the driver be arrested for a felony count of leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.

Numerous other members of the department assisted with this process, but we had a positive outcome based on the initial actions of Scott, Dave, Scott, Bruce and Guy. For their actions we are recognizing this group as our employees of the 4th quarter of 2018."

Honorable Mention — Wayne Colton and Christina Powell

"Continuing our department tradition, this past December we adopted a military family for Christmas. Wayne Colton took charge of this effort working with WNY Heroes, a non-profit organization that helps our local veterans. Christina worked with Wayne to collect and wrap the presents that the department donated for a single mother with 2 small children. This was our most successful adoption (in terms of donations) since we started this program several years ago. In recognition of the work on this effort, Wayne and Christina receive honorable mentions for this quarter."

Honorable Mention — Officer Guy Harvey

"On October 12, 2018, a student reported to us that her engagement ring had been stolen in the Student Union. Officer Harvey was dispatched and interviewed the victim. Guy was able to help the victim re-trace her steps and through use of the camera system in the Union he was able to identify a subject that may have taken the ring. Guy interviewed the subject determined that they had found the ring and had collected it for safe keeping. Guy recovered the ring for the victim, which was of very great sentimental value. For Guy’s work on this case, he is recognized with an honorable mention for this quarter."

Chris Bartolomei
Chief of Police
University Police

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