SUNY Police Chiefs Statewide Awards Recipients


Published November 13, 2018

Four members of the University at Buffalo Police department have been recognized for oustanding service by the SUNY Chiefs of Police. 

Life Saving Award

Lieutenant David Urbanek

Lieutenant David Urbanek.

Lieutenant David Urbanek

On January 25, 2018 dispatch received multiple reports of a serious first aid call in Alumni Arena. Lieutenant Dave Urbanek was one of the first officers on the scene, and found the victim to be unconscious and unresponsive. Lt Urbanek called for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to be expedited and immediately rendered aid to the victim.

After confirming that the victim was not breathing and had no pulse, he started CPR, at the same time giving directions to the victim’s teammates to retrieve an AED and clear a path for the responding EMS units. Lt. Urbanek continued providing CPR until he was relieved by the EMS responder from Getzville Fire Company. Lt. Urbanek applied the AED and administered a shock. The victim was still in critical condition as he was transported to the hospital.

Despite a grim prognosis, the student was able to make a full recovery.

For his actions on January 25, 2018, Lieutenant David Urbanek is receiveing the 2018 SUNY Police Chiefs Life Saving Award.

Professional Service Award

Dispatcher Catherine Guzman and Investigators Wayne Colton and Timothy Thompson

Dispatcher Catherine Guzman.

Dispatcher Catherine Guzman

Investigator Wayne Colton.

Investigator Wayne Colton

Investigator Timothy Thompson.

Investigator Timothy Thompson

In July of 2017, students began reporting burglaries in on-campus residences. The reports steadily increased and started to include the thefts of motor vehicles and credit cards. It became clear, based on the suspect's method of operation, that these burglaries and thefts were all perpetrated by the same person.

Working backward through countless hours of recorded video and mugshots from surrounding police agencies, Dispatcher Catherine Guzman located video of the suspect which tied him to several of the reported burglaries.

Investigators Colton and Thompson conducted interviews at multiple retail locations where credit cards stolen during the burglaries were used. They were able to develop more evidence that further implicated the suspect that Dispatcher Guzman had identified by video. Using this evidence, our investigators were able to secure a warrant for the suspect's arrest. The suspect was tied to 13 burglaries when he was arrested in late September 2017.

For their hard work to close a long string of burglaries, Investigators Colton and Thompson and Dispatcher Guzman received the 2018 SUNY Police Chiefs Professional Service Award.

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