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Published April 30, 2015

Supervisors learn how to handle challenging and stressful workplace situations in a half-day workshop that helps build confidence and compassion.

Why You Should Attend

“I participated in Tools for Supervisors and … I’ve already utilized some of the tips with tremendous results.”
Julile Phillips, State Benefits Services Manager
Human Resources

Most of us spend more than half of our waking hours in the workplace, so it makes good sense to have the most productive and engaged people working for us. Register for and attend Helping You Manage the Tough Issues on May 6. This half-day class is for ALL supervisors, whether you supervise a large department or one or two individuals. You will participate in stimulating activities and discuss real case studies with Deborah A. Hard, EAP Director. In doing so, participants will gain the confidence and compassion to have difficult conversations and to manage attitude problems, oppositional behaviors or other red flags that indicate something is amiss with your employee.

Participants have reported valuing this opportunity to interact with other supervisors who are encountering similar supervisory issues, in addition to the new information and skills they learned. “I participated in Tools for Supervisors and … I have already utilized some of the tips with tremendous results. The caring way it was presented and received in my class was excellent. I got realistic tools to recognize and respond to potential problems. I highly recommend this class for any supervisor or manager ...” said Julie Phillips, State Benefit Services Manager.

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