December Holiday Closures

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Published December 11, 2020


Learn about your options if your dean or vice-president closes your unit during the holidays.

If You Want To Work During Your Unit's Closure

If you elect to work when your unit is closed and you cannot work at your regular location, you should coordinate working remotely with your supervisor. 

Charging Time During Closure

Because unit closure days are not official state holidays (except for December 25 and January 1), if you are absent you must charge time not worked to accrued vacation, personal leave or holiday time. 

Sick leave accruals may not be used for unit closure days.

Check with your supervisor before taking days off during the holiday period.

Don't Have Enough Vacation Time?

State Employees:

If you do not have sufficient accruals you:

  • Can request an advance of up to four vacation days (advanced vacation days can only be requested for the week after the Christmas holiday, 12/28-12/31) or
  • Choose to take the days off without pay  

If you plan to make use of either option, send a letter to your supervisor. Your supervisor will prepare a letter including:

  • Employee's name
  • Person number
  • Department
  • Supervisor
  • Dates of unpaid time or number of vacation days to be advanced (max is 4)

Send the letter no later than 12/18/2020 by close of business, via email to

RF Employees:

  If you do not have sufficient accruals you can:

  • Choose to take the days off without pay  

If you plan to make use of the without pay option, notify your supervisor so your department can submit the appropriate transaction to Human Resources no later than Friday, 12/18/2020. 

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