Revised Fraud and Irregularities Policy Published

UB Seal on Crosby Hall

Published May 12, 2016

The Fraud and Irregularities - Awareness and Reporting Policy, approved and signed by President Tripathi, is available in the University Policy Library

Policy Overview

This policy:

  • Establishes the university’s commitment to high standards of honest behavior, ethical conduct and fiduciary responsibility
  • Confirms that all members of the university community have a responsibility for stewardship of the university's resources and are expected to report concerns if they have a reasonable basis for suspecting that fraud or other irregularities have occurred
  • Requires individuals to act in good faith when reporting concerns of suspected fraud or irregularities
  • Protects employees and individuals from retaliation when lawfully reporting suspected fraud, irregularities, waste or abuse

Policy Revisions

Revisions include broadening the scope of the policy to include irregularities as well as fraud and bringing the policy into compliance with the State University of New York Procedure on Reporting and Reviewing Fraud and Irregularities.


This policy applies to reports of fraud or irregularities involving university employees, officers, trustees, campus-related entities, vendors, consultants, contractors, funding sources and other parties with a relationship to the university including activities at auxiliary service corporations, alumni associations, student associations and governments, the Research Foundation and UB Foundation.


Questions can be directed to Internal Audit at 716-829-6950 or to the Chief of Staff to the Vice President for Finance and Administration at 716-645-5144.