UB Jobs Application Now Available

Published March 7, 2017

The upgraded UB Jobs application is up and running with a more modern look and feel and a more intuitive interface. Short online training modules are available now for hiring managers.

UB Jobs Application Now Available

UB Human Resources (HR) is excited to announce that the UB Jobs upgrade is complete. Hiring managers are encouraged to log in to become familiar with the new look and feel and to begin planning for any jobs to be posted in the near future. 

On-Demand Online Training

The on-demand online training for hiring managers is now accessible in the Training Catalog. The training is made up of task-based short modules that can be watched and referred to repeatedly. Topics covered include:

  • logging in to the application
  • creating a position description
  • monitoring a search (coming soon)
  • submitting a hiring proposal (coming soon)
  • position management inbox and watch list (coming soon)

Additionally, the upgraded application has training materials built-in for job applicants that cover topics including: 

  • how to reset your password
  • what types of documents can be uploaded
  • how to track the status of references

HR's Workforce Planning and Recruitment team will be sharing more improvements to the recruitment process in the near future. 

Please note: Anyone needing to work in the old UB Jobs site can log in using the link: https://pa310.peopleadmin.com/hr. Both the guest user ID and passwords as well as the existing UB Jobs log-in credentials will continue to work in this site. 


Please contact the UB Jobs Hotline at 716-645-JOBS (5627) or email ub-jobs@buffalo.edu with any questions.