UB Jobs Application Up and Running March 7

Published February 28, 2017

Along with the upgraded UB Jobs application come improvements to the recruitment process at UB. Human Resource's (HR) Workforce Planning and Recruitment team will work hand-in-hand with UB departments to help ensure a diverse and ideal pool of applicants for each job posting.

Meet With HR To Plan Your Posting

Anyone planning a job posting for after March 7 can reach out to the recruitment team now to set up a meeting. Ensure that the position already exists in the UB Jobs application.

As a result of the UB Jobs upgrade and improvements to the recruitment process at UB, anyone who would like to post a job will meet with the HR Workforce Planning and Recruitment team first to plan the posting. Those interested in posting a job can contact the team after confirming that a position exists in UB Jobs to set up a 30 minute or less in-person meeting. If a position does not already exist in UB Jobs, the position needs to be created and approved before the meeting can take place.

The goal of these short meetings is to expedite the hiring process and to provide guidance through the process to help ensure a diverse and ideal group of candidates. The following questions should be addressed prior to the meeting as these topics will be discussed at the meetings:

  • Has the position description been created and approved in UB Jobs?
  • What type of advertising efforts would you like to use for the posting?
  • Do you have an idea of the salary range?
  • Have you established a search committee?
  • Would you like to use features of UB Jobs to screen candidates or do you plan to interview all candidates?

Changes To Forms Used For Posting Jobs

There are three significant changes to job posting forms in the upgraded UB Jobs application:

1. Point Factoring Process Replaced

The first change is related to the Point-Factor Analysis form which was used to help identify the proper salary range for a job. In an effort to improve this process, the Point-Factor Analysis form has been replaced with Expectations for Classification Levels. The expectations for classification is different because salary range is assigned based on a level of expectations for the job, rather than assigning points to a number of different categories.

2. Some Job-Related Attachments Eliminated

The second change eliminates the need to complete and attach the following forms to a job position description:

  • Point-Factor Analysis
  • FLSA Checklist
  • Highlights of Differences in Duties (if a reclassification)

3. Unlimited Text Field Sizes

The third change is limitless text fields for position description information which eliminates the need to attach a position description as a separate PDF.

The upgraded UB Jobs application has the information from these forms built-in so there is no need to complete them separately in the new application.


Please contact the UB Jobs Hotline at 716-645-JOBS (5627) or email ub-jobs@buffalo.edu with any questions. Stay tuned for more information about the UB Jobs upgrade.