UB Jobs and Recruitment Process Upgrades Underway

Published February 7, 2017

The upgraded UB Jobs application has an anticipated go-live date of March 7, 2017. A more modern look and feel is one of the many benefits of the upgrade.

Upgraded UB Jobs Will Go Live On March 7

On March 7, 2017, UB Human Resources plans to unveil the newly upgraded UB Jobs application. Along with a fresher, more modern look and feel, the upgraded application will benefit both job applicants and departments posting jobs in a number of ways.

Benefits for UB Departments Posting Jobs:

  • all applicant materials (application, reference letters, supplemental resources) can be downloaded conveniently in one file
  • improved security features for departmental use
  • departments can do a keyword search of all of their applicants
  • departments posting faculty jobs will no longer have to work off existing 'positions' in the application

Benefits for Job Applicants:

  • updated look and feel is more attractive for potential job candiates
  • more intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • mobile friendly for applicants
  • easier password reset process

On-Demand Training

HR will provide on-demand online training for the upgraded application for those new to the application and those interested in an overview of the changes. The training will consist of task-based short courses that can be easily re-watched and referred to repeatedly. The training will be available when the application goes live.

Upgrade Prompts Improved Recruitment Process

In addition to the upgraded UB Jobs, HR's Workforce Planning and Recruitment team is implementing new initiatives in an effort to improve the overall recruitment process at UB. The team will work hand-in-hand with departments for each job posting to assist in planning advertising efforts and to help guide the search committee process.

Representatives from departments who post jobs will need to reach out to the team for each new posting. The goal is to decrease the timeframe it takes to hire someone and to provide assistance in identifying recruitment and advertising sources, help with writing ads versus position descriptions and to ensure an inclusive and diverse search process.

The Workforce Planning and Recruitment team will be presenting at UB Business Day on March 7. Consider registering for the Recruitment at UB session to learn more about new features of the upgraded UB Jobs.


Please contact the UB Jobs Hotline at (716) 645-JOBS (5627) or email ub-jobs@buffalo.edu with any questions. Stay tuned for more information about the UB Jobs upgrade.