New UBF System Prompts Change in Reporting of Fees

Published October 17, 2016

As part of the implementation of UBF’s new business system, in 2016-17, General University Service Fees (GUSF) and Gift Fees will be listed in SIRI and UBFirst as a monthly accrual rather than individual transactions.

Why the Change

  • Closer to the manner in which fees are reported on state funds
  • More compatible with the design of UBF’s new internal business system
  • More easily identifiable revenue transactions for reconciliation purposes, as transactions will be posted as gross amounts
  • More transparency to easily identify the total amount of GUSF and Gift Fees posted to a particular fund in a given month

Viewing Change in SIRI and UBFirst

UBF plans to post fee transactions weekly, however, at the end of the month you will only see one posting for the GUSF and Gift Fees. You will see these changes in the revenue transaction detail of your accounts. 

View Revenue Transactions in SIRI

  1. Log on to SIRI
  2. View the Money Dashboard
  3. On the account tab click on an account number (or type in a UBF account number)
  4. Click on the account number
  5. Select Revenue Transactions

View Revenue Transactions in UBFirst

  1. Log on to UBFirst via RDS login
  2. Click on Accounts
  3. Type in Account Number, click ok
  4. Click on Transaction Summary
  5. Select Revenue Transaction Type

Contact an Expert

Cindy Johannes

Revenue Manager

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8720


Linda Sansone

Senior Accounts Receivable Clerk

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8719