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Published October 25, 2016

UB Business Services received the green light to begin improvements to eProcurement and eTravel processes.

What Will Change


eReq will be replaced by a state of the art, cloud-based procurement solution software from SciQuest. The target date for eProcurement is spring of 2017. Highlights:

  • Is an easy-to-use, one-stop shopping and requisition system
  • Has powerful functionality behind the scenes to streamline our business rules
  • Is browser-based, with an intuitive e-commerce look and feel for ease of use
Using UBF Funds for Purchases?

Departments using UBF funds for procurements should use the current eReq system. Doing so now will help ease the transition to the new system, where all procurements using state, RF and UBF funds will be processed.


eTravel will use Concur, which is a business travel and expense management software solution. The target date for eTravel is July of 2017. Highlights:

  • Travelers can book travel from a smartphone or desktop browser
  • Itineraries and credit card charges will be automatically and accurately captured, making the paperwork, audit and approval processes faster
  • Travelers can snap photos of receipts and attach the images to the expense report which is electronically routed to the business office

Why Change

Business Services embraces a culture of continuous improvement by providing effective and efficient delivery of service to our customers.

What’s Next

Over the next several months, Business Services will provide more information about the systems, an implementation timeframe, training opportunities and any specific changes to processes. 

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Dominic LoTempio

Dominic LoTempio

Director of Procurement Systems and Compliance

Purchasing, Procurement Services

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