Self-Service Features Added to CSEA List Management System

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Published December 20, 2016

Recent updates to the online Eligible List Management System (ELMS) will benefit Competitive Classified employees.

ELMS System Updates

The U.S. Department of Civil Service announced updates to the online Eligible List Management System (ELMS) for Competitive Classified employees (classified employees that have taken an exam).

Competitive classified employees currently use the ELMS system ( to view their status on lists.  With the recent updates, ELMS users can now:

  • view what lists they are on
  • view and remove declinations to expand eligibility on lists
  • change work and location preferences
  • change status from active to inactive

In addition to the added self-service features, there is a new reference section with a list of agencies and an area map, as well as an FAQ section covering topics including civil service IDs and statuses, exam types and ranks.

You can find more information about the ELMS system and the recent updates at their website:

If you have any questions regarding the new features, please contact the Civil Service Department’s Eligible List Unit at 518-457-4295.