State PCard November Statement Ready to Reconcile

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Published December 10, 2015

Complete your November 2015 PCard reconciliation by December 30, 2015.

AEPC Reconciliation System – Final Shut Down Scheduled for 12/31/15

All certifications must be completed in AEPC by 12/30/15 because that system is scheduled for deactivation on 12/31/15.

Complete the reconciliation and certification for the November 2015 billing cycle in AEPC as soon as possible. The 1115 billing cycle covering 11/07/15 – 12/04/15 is the last certification to be completed in AEPC. All certifications must be completed by 12/30/15. The AEPC application is scheduled for deactivation on 12/31/15.

Log in to Citibank website to print your statement.

Log in to SUNY WebConnect to reconcile and certify the 1115 statement.

New Web-based Reconciliation Application

All activity beginning on 12/7/15 will be available in the new web based PCard reconciliation system.  An eLearning course is coming soon.  If you have not already signed into the test application, see attached overview.  

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  If you will be unable to complete your certification or have problems that you cannot resolve,  Email Angie or Mary now.