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Published December 9, 2014

Complete your November 2014 PCard reconciliation by January 9, 2015. Your PCard statement is available at

The NYS Citibank Visa Procurement Card billing statement for November, billing cycle 1114, is available for reconciliation and certification. This billing cycle includes transactions from 11/07/14 to 12/05/14. The certification for November must be completed by Janaury 9, 2015.

The activity must also be compared with your statement printed from Supervisory signature is required on the printed Citibank statement.  

Transition From Host on Demand to SUNY webCONNECT — Test and Use webCONNECT

UB Host on Demand (HOD) Support is transitioning all HOD users over to SUNY webCONNECT to connect to the AEPC Albany PCard reconciliation system. SUNY webCONNECT will replace HOD, permanently, in early 2015. It is important that you test your access to webCONNECT because you may need system adjustments from your local node support.  If your connection is a success, begin using webCONNECT now.

Test Your Connection to SUNY webCONNECT:

  1. Log in to the SUNY Web Portal at and follow the SUNY webCONNECT instructions. If you reach the SUNY Inter-Campus Data Network screen (step 7 of the instructions) then your connection is a success and you should begin using webCONNECT to reconcile and certify your PCard.
  2. If you are not able to log in to webCONNECT, then contact your local IT node support for assistance. Your node support is responsible for assisting you with the changeover to webCONNECT.

Until you can successfully log in to webCONNECT, you may use the HOD cached client at however, once HOD support ends, you can only reconcile and certify your PCard using webCONNECT.

Contact your Departmental IT staff for guidance and assistance.  If you cannot resolve the issue, contact Angie Rzeszut, 645-4533, for assistance.

New Citi Cards with Chip and PIN Technology

The State of New York, in partnership with Citibank, is migrating to the latest Chip and PIN credit card technology. An encrypted microprocessor is imbedded in the Chip and PIN cards, to help combat potential fraud.  Your card will be reissued in the Chip and PIN format beginning in January 2015. Continue to use your current card.  We will contact you with more details about the changeover to the new card.

New UB Business Website

We are pleased to announce that, as of December 10, is replaced with a more comprehensive and dynamic website that encompasses HR, business and financial services. The Administrative Services Gateway website, at,  aims to provide a more satisfying and authoritative Web experience. Procurement Services information is available at

The new website features:

  • Modern interface
  • Easy navigation based on customers' tasks
  • Searchable content — site-wide and by sections
  • Accessible UB Policy Library
  • Easy lookup to find an expert

Read more about the change and see what’s next.