University Police Changes due to COVID-19


Published March 23, 2020


Your University Police are making changes to help stop the spread of COVID-19. These changes will remain in place until further notice.

University Police Remaining on Duty

Your University Police are remaining on duty to respond to emergencies at all 3 UB campuses. You can still call us at 716-645-2222 anytime to request assistance. Our Officers are following CDC guidelines for social distancing and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This will have an impact on the way that we interact with our community and has resulted in us curtailing some of the non-emergency services that we provide. We ask for your understanding as we navigate through this rapidly-evolving public health crisis.

Civil Fingerprinting Suspended

In order to observe social distancing guidelines, we have suspended non-criminal fingerprinting. This is fingerprinting to accompany a program application or as part of a certification process.

Most Lost and Found Property Collection Suspended

We will only be collecting lost property that are high-value items. This includes personal identification (including passports) and items valued over $500. Community members requesting that UPD take custody of other lost items will be asked to hold onto that property until we are able to resume normal operations.

Some Police Reports Will be Taken by Phone

During this time, in certain circumstances, Officers will be taking initial police reports by phone. This would not extend to crimes in progress or crimes of violence. Minor property crimes and hit and run accidents without injuries will be documented by an Officer taking the report over the phone.

Contact Us For Comments or Questions

Bissell Hall, North Campus

Phone: 716-645-2222