Human Resources Recommends UB Employees Take Preparation Steps

Be prepared.

Published March 13, 2020

HR strongly recommends that UB employees do the following four helpful things now to prepare for any possible future changes to normal business operations, should they occur.

1. Sign Up for Direct Deposit if You Are a State Employee

If you are still receiving paper paychecks and are a state employee, we strongly recommend that you sign up for direct deposit now to avoid any disruption in your pay in the case that it may become challenging to obtain your paycheck. State employees keep in mind that as an added measure of security, all new enrollment requests (and requests for changes to direct deposit) need to include a copy of your official UB Card with your request form. No action is required if you are already enrolled and do not need to make changes. If you are a new employee and do not have your ID card yet, your hiring department can attach your completed direct deposit form to the new employee hiring paperwork (ePTF).

2. Update Your Time and Attendance Records

UB employees should ensure that time and attendance records are updated to the current month (through February 2020). If timesheets are incomplete, HR may be unable to determine your eligibility to remain in paid status in the event that you are absent from work.

3. Sign Up for UB Alerts

The University at Buffalo offers a free service that delivers text messages and email messages to UB students, faculty, and staff during emergencies, incidents that may affect personal safety and when adverse weather conditions affect normal campus operations.

4. Update Your Emergency Contact Information

  • State employees can update their phone number and emergency contact information using the SUNY HR Self Service portal. After logging in, click on SUNY HR Self Service and enter your date of birth in the format mm/dd/yyyy. Use the Emergency Contacts tab at the top of the screen to make additions and changes.
  • Research Foundation (RF) employees can update emergency contact information using this form.
  • UBF employees can update their phone number and emergency contact information by sending an email to

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