Guidelines for Recording Time Off for January 30 and 31 Closures

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Published February 4, 2019

The Governor's Office of Employee Relations (GOER) announced that state offices would officially close early on January 30, 2019 and close the whole day on January 31, 2019 due to inclement weather. Learn how to charge your leave accruals.

How To Record the Closures

For the directed early departure on January 30, those employees who had already elected to stay home and charge accruals must charge the whole day. For those employees who reported to work and were subject to the directed early departure, no charge to accruals is necessary for the time not worked on January 30.

Since UB's closure on January 31 was ordered by the governor, nonessential employees are not required to charge leave accruals. 

Essential employees who did not report to work on either day are required to charge their accruals. 

If you are not sure if you are an essential or a nonessential employee, ask your supervisor.

For Nonessential State Employees Using the SUNY Online Time and Attendance System

If you did not report to work on January 30, you must charge an accrual. If you did report, and were subject to the directed early departure, you do not have to charge an accrual, but should note your absence after the directed early departure with a non-chargeable absence.

If you did not work on January 31 due to the campus closure, you will need to enter a non-chargeable absence.


(Please note: Classified employees must us the "Request Time Off page.)

  1. Go to the SUNY HR portal
  2. Choose Buffalo Univ from the campus pull-down menu and click Login
  3. Enter your UBITName and password and click Login
  4. Click Time and Attendance in the Self Service menu
  5. Click Time and Attendance under Current
  6. Click on January 31
  7. If you are a Professional employee, enter 1 next to Non-Chargeable. If you are a Classified employee, enter 7.5 or 8 (depending on your work schedule) next to Non-Chargeable using the Request Time Off Page.
  8. From the Non-Chargeable Type drop down menu select Extraordinary/Inclement Weather
  9. Save Your Time Record

Employees that requested January 31 off due to the weather conditions only can record these days as a non-chargeable absence. If you already submitted a time-off request using vacation or holiday time for January 31 due to the weather conditions, you will need to withdraw it. Once the request has been withdrawn, you will need to resubmit as a non-chargeable absence.

Withdrawing a Time Off Request:

  1. Go to the “Request Time Off” page in the SUNY Time and Attendance System
  2. Go to the bottom under “Previously Submitted Requests”
  3. Find the Request for January 31
  4. Click on the “Withdraw” radio button and Click “Submit Actions”
State Hourly Employees

HR is waiting on additional information about state hourly employees from GOER. As soon as this information is received, HR will share it with all employees.  

For Research Foundation Employees Using E-Time Reporting

As previously stated, GOER has notified us that UB was not officially closed by the governor until 3:00pm on Wednesday, January 30.  If you did report to work that day, and were subject to the early departure, you do not have to charge an accrual for that day and should follow the procedure indicated below when completing your timecard. If you did not report to work that day because of the locally designated UB closure, you must charge an appropriate accrual (vacation, personal, holiday time) for that day.

Non-Exempt Salaried Employees: If you did not work any portion of 1/31/2019 due to the campus closure, please indicate the number of hours that you are normally scheduled for using the hours type “Non Worked Time”, then selecting the absence reason “Site Closure-Approved by HR” on your timesheet.

Hourly Paid Employees:
Please contact Denise Katus at 645-4453 prior to the completion of your timesheet if you were scheduled to work on January 31.

Exempt Employees: If you did not work any portion of January 31 due to the campus closure, please indicate “UB closure on 1/31” in the comments field of your timesheet.

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