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Welcome to Accessibility Resources (AR)! The University at Buffalo is committed to providing students with disabilities access to all the university's resources and programs. While this goal is shared across the campus community, AR coordinates requests for reasonable accommodations to help ensure that your needs are met in a timely and effective way.

Accommodations are various modifications or adjustments that are made to provide people with disabilities equal opportunity to access information, programs, services. If you need to request an accommodation please contact us to arrange a meeting with AR staff.

Transition from High School to Higher Education

For students who may have used accommodations in High School, the process in College can be somewhat different. Whereas in K-12, the school typically identifies students with disabilities and recommends services, in college the student is responsible for self-reporting. Self- Reporting means identifying yourself as a student with a disability to AR and requesting reasonable accommodation. This process involves more self-advocacy on your part, but also empowers you to take a more active role in developing the accommodation strategies that work best for you.

Please see our Transition Presentation (Powerpoint (1.3MB)) to learn more about successfully transitioning from High School to College.

The Department of Education also provides important information on the rights and responsibilities of Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education External Site Link Icon

Timeliness of Requests

We encourage students to contact AR as soon as possible after being admitted to UB or becoming aware of a need for accommodation. Our ability to coordinate timely accommodations depends on students notifying AR with a reasonable amount of time to provide them. Some accommodations may not be available in the same semester they are requested without sufficient notice.

Examples of untimely requests include notifying AR of the need for Alternate Format Texts or sign language interpreters during or just before the first week of classes, or requesting testing accommodations just two or three weeks before final exams.

Accommodation Memos

If AR determines that your request for accommodation is reasonable, the office will produce an Accommodation Memo to inform your Professors and Instructors of any accommodations they may need to know about.

Memos must be delivered to Professors and Instructors each semester. AR recommends meeting with Professors and Instructors during office hours or another prearranged meeting time, rather than before or after class, to ensure confidentiality. Please see our Accommodation Memo Presentation (Powerpoint (891KB)) to learn more about getting your memos.

Returning students who don't require any changes or additions to their Accommodation Memo should contact us by phone or email to request them.

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