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Snow Removal Policy

Winter snows have historically presented unique obstacles to campus access for students with mobility impairments. The University at Buffalo (UB) recognizes its obligation to ensure proper and consistent snow removal to allow access for students with mobility impairments to all programs, services, and activities on both North and South campuses. In an effort to achieve consistent access for students with mobility impairments during the snow season, UB outlines this formal policy for snow removal.

Each semester, UB's Accessibility Resources (AR) will collect campus travel routes from students whose requests for snow removal have been approved. AR shares this route information with University Facilities to identify key areas for early and extra snow clearing. This information will be used to ensure our paths and walkways are clear and usable to individuals with disabilities during snow conditions.

1. Informing Students

2. Developing Annual Snow Removal Plans:

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Snow Removal Notification

Students whose request for snow removal are approved must submit their campus travel routes to AR by the first week of October for the fall semester, and by the first week of December for spring semester. For specific dates, please check our announcements page. Students may use the Snow Removal Request Form below to submit their route information, or contact AR directly over phone or email.

Please use the form below to list, in detail, your campus travel routes for classes and any other campus activity.

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