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Note Taking

Students with disabilities that affect note taking skills like listening, writing, or reading may require a peer note taker. Students who would like a copy of notes should let AR know when they request accommodation. AR staff will determine if the request is reasonable on a case by case basis.

The note taking process at UB is a collaboration between the student with a disability, the professor or instructor of the course, a peer note taker who volunteers to share their notes, and AR staff. Notes are available for pickup in the AR Office. Digital delivery of scanned or typed notes can be arranged as needed.

For more information on the Note Taking Accommodation please see our Note Taking: Who Gets It and Why (Powerpoint (932KB)) presentation.

For Students with Disabilities

If you have been approved for a note taking accommodation, your Accommodation Memo will include this information as well as a form to give to your professor or instructor to help recruit a peer from your class to share notes with you. Please also inform AR of the courses where you are requesting notes using the form attached to your memo.

For more information please see our Information on Note Taking for Students (Powerpoint (2.2MB)) presentation.

A Livescribe Echo smart pen External Site Link Icon may also be requested instead of a peer note taker if it would be a more effective accommodation, or if no peer note taker comes forward. The smart pen supports students taking their own notes by linking handwritten pages interactively with key points in an audio recording of the lecture.

For Professors and Instructors

Professors and Instructors play an important role in the note taking process by recruiting a peer note taker. To help with this process, AR has created a note taker form that contains a sample announcement calling for a volunteer to come forward. For more information please see our Information on Note Taking for Faculty (Powerpoint (1.8MB)) presentation.

For Note Takers

Note Takers are vital for the success of many students with disabilities. If an announcement is made in one of your courses that a note taker is needed, please see the professor/instructor to volunteer. Note takers are expected to attend all classes, take legible, accurate notes, and deliver them to the Accessibility Resources office after each class meeting or at other agreed upon intervals.

Eligible peer note takers are paid an honoraria fee of $25/per credit hour, typically $75 for a 3-credit class. To be eligible you must be U.S. Citizen or an international student approved to work in the US. Students who are currently employed by UB or the state of New York are not eligible for payment.

Peer note takers should contact AR after informing their professors that they would like to be the note taker. All note takers are required to complete a 1-hour training course that will be made available on the note taker's UB Learns website (link to UB Learns). Please Contact AR to be added to the training course.

Private Health Information

Disability status is private health information that should not be disclosed without the explicit permission of the student with a disability. To help protect students' right to privacy, the note taking delivery process is designed to be anonymous. If you know the identity of the student with a disability, do not share this information with anyone other than the course Professors, Instructors, or Teaching Assistants, and AR staff.

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