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Technology has transformed teaching and learning in the 21st century in ways that often benefit students with disabilities, by giving them more options to access information independently and participate interactively. However, media and new technology can also pose unique challenges for people with disabilities, who may require accommodation in order to fully perceive and understand the material. In the fast paced information age, it's important to balance the educational goals of incorporating dynamic and evolving media resources with the needs of students with disabilities.

AR offers Media Accessibility Consultation to Professors and Instructors who would like to incorporate media and technology into their course materials. Please contact us to schedule a meeting.

AR is available to consult with Faculty on accessibility issues including:

Planning Ahead for Accessibility

Faculty are encouraged to consider accessibility issues when designing their courses and selecting media resources even if there are no known students with disabilities enrolled, since this will help Professors and Instructors to be "ahead of the curve" if and when a student who requires accommodation does enroll. Some accommodations may take a good deal of time to implement, so planning ahead is recommended.

Likewise, evidence shows that some accessibility measures like captions may benefit all learners External Site Link Icon , including ESL students and students with learning disabilities, incorporating the principles of Universal Design for learning to improve outcomes for everyone in the course.

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