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Assistive Listening Devices

Students who are Hard of Hearing or who have auditory processing disorders may borrow Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) from Accessibility Resources (AR) to help them hear course lectures and/or discussions. The type of device AR loans depends on the student's needs and the location and type of classroom where the course takes place. ALD can be borrowed by qualified individuals for a day or for the duration of the semester, as needed. While AR loans the ALD, in most cases students are expected to provide their own headphones. If you would like to request an ALD, please contact us.

Large Lecture Halls

Many of UB's larger lecture halls are equipped with public address systems that amplify the speaker's voice and transmit the sound directly to specialized Infrared (IR) receivers that may be borrowed from AR. About the size of a smart phone, the IR receivers are compatible with most headphones. A T-Coil (telecoil) neck loop receiver is also available for students with T-Coil enabled hearing aids. AR consults with the individual student to determine which equipment will work best. Contact AR to learn which lecture halls are equipped with the IR transmitters.

Smaller Classrooms

AR also has portable Phonak ALD kits to lend to qualified students for smaller classrooms that do not have a public address system installed. The kits include a wireless microphone that the speaker wears around the neck and a receiver used by the student. AR has two different models of receiver, one used with headphones, and another that can be attached to compatible Phonak hearing aids. (Please note: Students are responsible for purchasing their own hearing aids and audio shoes/boots for use with the Phonak hearing aid receivers.)

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