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Christopher Daly

photo of UB student Esther Buckwalter

Christopher Daly is a third-generation graduate from UB Pharmacy.

Trumpeter composes ideal career with dual UB degrees in pharmacy and business

“There are many growth opportunities in health care and my two degrees have prepared me for the innovative possibilities.”
Christopher Daly, MBA ’12 & PharmD ’12

Christopher Daly’s love of music originally led him to study classical trumpet as an undergraduate, but the sciences were always a part of his life. Eventually he enrolled in the University at Buffalo’s school of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

“Both of my parents are UB School of Pharmacy graduates,” says Daly. “They didn’t necessarily steer me toward the profession, but they did indirectly show me what the career could offer.”

Daly says he watched his parents, Lynn and Don Daly, work in the independent pharmacy started by his grandfather over 50 years ago. He also accepted invitations to see what his parents’ colleagues were doing as well.  Over time he gained valuable insight into the many aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences.

In many ways, the range of opportunities Daly observed through his parents were opportunities he realized once enrolled at UB.

“UB prepares students for what it’s like to actually practice,” he says. “Everything about the pharmacy practice program at UB is top tier, from the quality of the research to the overall experience. In my opinion, UB has one of the best pharmacy schools in the country.”

Daly’s goals also led him to enter UB’s MBA program.  He says Associate Dean Karl Fiebelkorn in the school of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences was the primary motivator for him to seek two degrees.

“I see an evolution taking place in industry that will require the development of new business models,” says Daly.  “For instance, I’m interested in the possibilities of continuity of care, exploring the open spaces between the community pharmacy and doctor’s office. There are many growth opportunities in health care and my two degrees have prepared me for the innovative possibilities.”

Daly is currently in his residency year as a community pharmacy resident with the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy in North Carolina. His practice site is with Moose Professional Pharmacy in Concord, NC. Chris travels home when he can to visit with family and friends and to also revisit some of the music he loves, by sitting in with some of Western New York’s best jazz bands, including the Thursday night house band at Buffalo’s historic Colored Musicians Club.