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From the Associate Vice President

Celebrating alumni achievement is both an
individual and a collective matter

This is a special time of the year. As I write this message, spring has arrived and the campus is coming to life with the magical colors that let us know we survived another “Buffalo winter.” With this natural resurgence comes a time when we all get to celebrate.

Many of us will celebrate the fact that we survived the winter during which Buffalo logged its second-highest snowfall on record. Others will celebrate their children’s high school graduations, while still others plan various celebrations over the summer with family and friends.

At UB, we celebrate the accomplishments and dedication of our students. The annual graduation ceremonies mark this rite of passage for more than 5,000 individuals who have earned their degrees. Scholarships and other awards are presented to many deserving students, and members of the faculty and staff are recognized for their efforts and achievements during the preceding academic year.

The UB Alumni Association also honors individuals. On April 20, we honored seven of our best with the association’s top awards and accolades. (See details on page 37.) Our honorees include an attorney, a physician, a leading researcher, a pioneer in the cable television industry and an individual who convinced others that UB was the best place to establish a national center for earthquake engineering research.

These honorees are diverse both in terms of their personal experiences and their geographic location. They came to the awards ceremony from just a few blocks away, from California and, in one case, from Nigeria. Their diversity mirrors that of our alumni population. Indeed, this is exactly what makes UB unique and special. The opportunity to meet, share and learn from others with a wide array of backgrounds, experiences and expectations is part of the UB experience. This is true from a student, as well as an alumni, perspective.

The honoring of these alumni is truly an amazing part of this time of year. This is not because of their individual accomplishments or experiences—important as they are—but rather because of what they collectively represent and symbolize. These seven individuals represent the accomplishments of 166,765 alumni throughout the world and all they do collectively—this is the awe-inspiring aspect of this occasion.

These alumni represent what a degree from UB can lead to. It can, and does, prepare alumni for national and international leadership positions in research, in the drive to help others, in the community and in all forms of civic enterprise. The collective achievement of our graduates is embodied by these seven honorees on one night, but it comes to life in the daily activities of the entire UB family of alumni wherever they are.

Congratulations to all!

Robert O. Davies
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

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