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Fall 2013





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Illustration: Michael Gelen, JD '88

Did you play a club sport or participate in intramurals while at UB?

I joined the Gymnastics Club. We had to commute to a local gym for practice a few times a week and pay our own way for most competitions, which led to a lot of carpooling, team dinners and fun trips. We competed mostly within the Northeast, and each year qualified a team for the NAIGC (National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs) Nationals. It was the best of both worlds to be a student-athlete without the pressure and lack of time/sleep that comes with a Division 1 schedule. It was also great to have a group of friends with a common interest, and to meet and mentor those who were just starting out in the sport. I even met my now-husband through the club, and our teammates were well represented at our wedding.

Mary Busch, EdM ’10 & BA ’08
Amherst, N.Y.

I played intramural volleyball for a few semesters. I think the most memorable things about it were our team name, the “Funky Beaners,” and that our team color was tie-dye. We lost quite a lot but we still had a lot of fun playing.

Tom Trinchera, MLS ’96 & BA ’94
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

It was the summer of ’75, and my roommate Bob Flaum, BS ’77, and I played on a summer intramural softball team with School of Management Dean Joseph Alutto [now interim president at Ohio State] and Professors Howard Foster, Jerry Newman, Sandy Gunn and others. It was a really incredible experience spending time with the faculty outside the classroom and Crosby Hall, and we actually won the League Championship.

Ken Nussbaum, MBA ’81 & BS ’77
Edgemont, N.Y.

I played on the rugby team, a club sport, in 1967 and 1968. As I recall, our club played in the “Ontario Rugby Union.” My most uncomfortable memory is being kicked by an opposing player and then lying on that cold winter ground trying to regain my breath (I think we used injured players as sideline markers). On the other hand, I have many fond memories of playing various Canadian teams and enjoying the tradition of attending very rowdy after-game parties. A keg of beer and singing old rugby songs were requirements.

Allyn Gemerek, BA ’68
West Point, Va.

During the summer semester, the international students in the engineering school would get together for a weekly game of football (“soccer” for those who don’t know any better) out by the tennis courts next to Legoland [as some then dubbed the Ellicott Complex]. It was some of the best football I have played. We had players from Africa, the Middle East and Asia; most were from Europe and South America. There was even one American!

Chris Behnke, BS ’00
Whiteland, Ind.

As a freshman in the fall of 1957, I notified the track coach that I was a sprinter in high school and would like to join the team. Despite my being a sprinter, he entered me in my first competition, a five-mile cross-country “meet” against Army at West Point. I was taking so much time to finish the race that the cadets had to rescue me from the hills with a U.S. Army jeep, much to the applause of my teammates as we crossed the finish line.

David Greenholz, BA ’61
Lake Worth, Fla.

I had taken bowling as a gym course and really enjoyed it. So when there was an opportunity to join a league in the Student Union bowling center, I jumped at the chance. My friends also joined, making it a lot of fun. It is a social sport and I continue to bowl on a league, as do members of my family. My son is bowling for his university!

Sue DiGiacomo, BA ’74
Brick, N.J.

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