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Fall 2012





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What did you think you would be doing after graduation? And what are you doing now?

I had no clue. I changed majors from math to art to business to law school to marketing. A career counselor told me I should consider illustrating math books. I’m now leading global strategic planning for the largest client of one of the largest ad agency networks in the world. It’s a lot like illustrating math books.

*Cindy Scott, MBA ’80 & BS ’77
Long Beach, Calif.

I thought I would be a high school Spanish teacher in a local high school. However, I am an AmeriCorps member who works at the Center for Youth in Rochester, N.Y., where I am a youth employment specialist. I help youth with resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, professional attire, the job-search process and applying to college.

CaTyra Polland, BA ’08
Rochester, N.Y.

I knew I would be going to grad school after UB, so that went according to plan. I thought for sure I would be working as a speech pathologist at a school in the Buffalo area until the day I retired with a nice Tier 4 pension! Well today, I am an adjunct instructor at both a small and large private institute of higher education, having earned my second master’s in English as a Second Language. But everything then and now has prepared me for where I am.

Linda Doherty Pratt, BA ’82
Penfield, N.Y.

I assumed I’d get a master’s degree, but hadn’t decided in what. I ended up with a degree in library science and went to work for myself as a researcher and writer some years later. I am married with three daughters and five grandchildren, and currently retired.

Richard Rosichan, BA ’64
Miami Beach, Fla.

I knew no matter what, I would further my education and pursue graduate school, but I was indecisive as to which master’s program would complement my degree in sociology. Fast-forward to present: I am currently pursuing my MBA with a concentration in human resources management. I finally discovered my niche!

*Lynette Dzwielewski, BA ’11
Buffalo, N.Y.

After I graduated with an MLS from what was then the School of Information and Library Studies, I thought I’d be working a series of endless temp jobs! It was so hard to find a job as a reference librarian, but I was willing to move to another region of the country, which is exactly what happened in November of 1996. Currently, I’m working as a reference librarian at a community college. It’s what I wanted to do since I took my first reference course. Reference has always been a fascinating field to work in, especially when I can work with faculty members at my college.

*Tom Trinchera, MLS ’96 & BA ’94
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

When I was discharged from the U.S. Army in 1951, I felt that I should do more for my country. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and with the advent of the “Space Race,” I worked on the development of solid-propellant rocket systems for defense and offense. The need was critical and helped to a small extent in the breakup of the Soviet Union. I’m now retired and have regular lunches with a PhD chemist friend to discuss topics like light theory and nuclear energy.

*Gordon Gibson, BA ’57
Buffalo, N.Y.

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