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Fall 2011






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UB President Satish Tripathi

The Inauguration of the 15th President

Weeklong celebration of UB’s past, present and future heralds a new presidency and a new era

Photos by Douglas Levere, BA ’89, Nancy J. Parisi, BA '87; Steve Morris; Paul Hokanson and Dylan Buyskes

Excellence in Research, Education and Service

Monday, Sept. 19

Inauguration Image

UB examines its cornerstones while celebrating faculty, staff and student achievements. More than a dozen SUNY Distinguished Professors engage in a lively discussion of the financial challenges facing public research universities like UB. Photos and story

Creating a Vibrant and Healthy Community

Tuesday, Sept. 20

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UB opens a state-of-the-art health care training center where students from all five health sciences schools can practice a range of medical procedures. A food policy summit examines ways to enhance nutrition in the region. Photos and story

Engaged in Our Community

Wednesday, Sept. 21

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UB announces historic gift to the medical school from an alumnus physician who chooses anonymity over recognition. The Buffalo Food Policy Summit continues with a research roundtable, and the campus celebrates employee giving to community. Photos and story

Engaging Our World

Thursday, Sept. 22

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UB celebrates its international character with a global fair and a forum on computer systems research drawing colleagues from around the world. UB faculty offer presentations on research, education and service with a global impact. Photos and story

The Investiture of UB's 15th President

Friday, Sept. 23

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During his inaugural address, President Tripathi pledges to build on UB’s excellence and expand its impact. He announces plans to hire 300 new faculty members and to raise $200 million for student scholarships. Photos and story

Welcome Home

Saturday, Sept. 24

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Students, alumni, family and friends flock to campus for Homecoming traditions and fun. Highlights include tailgating and the football game with UConn. The day was marked by splendid weather and abundant school spirit. Photos and story

UB 2020 Presidential Tour for UB Alumni

20 Cities in 20 Months

President Satish K. Tripathi is visiting 20 cities in 20 months to meet with UB alumni and share his vision for the university—he began the tour Oct. 1 in Knoxville where the Bulls took on the UT Volunteers. For the latest tour updates and information, click here.

*Countries to be determined