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Spring 2011




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What foods do you love or miss since leaving Western New York?*

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NATURALLY, being born and raised in Western New York, I miss good wings, beef on ’weck, loganberry and sponge candy. The “biggies“ for me, however, are draft birch beer (best with ’weck!), John & Mary’s “super royal” subs, Ted’s foot-longs, Anderson’s soft serve and Scime’s deluxe sausage. I usually try to bring home at least 10 pounds of Scime’s every time I visit.

Thomas Pellitieri, BA ’83
Toledo, Ohio

We miss real chicken wings with blue cheese, John’s pizza and subs, Tim Hortons, Ted’s hot dogs, Anderson’s ice cream and shopping at Wegmans. Any venture capitalists out there wanting to set up shop in St. Louis? There are many UB grads and Buffalonians here.

Gail Staines, PhD, ’93, MLS ’86 & BA ’85
St Louis, Mo.

I love Kansas City barbecue as much as the next person, but nothing compares to Western New York pizza and wings, beef on ’weck and Tim Hortons! Whenever we have visitors from back home, they bring us Bison French onion chip dip, Sahlen’s hot dogs and Timbits! Yum!

Rustie Dimitriadis, BA ’97 & BA ’96
Kansas City, Mo.

I miss beef on ’weck, Ted’s, Bocce Club Pizza, Anchor Bar chicken wings and the area. Fortunately, I can order sponge candy and Bocce pizza and have it delivered. I’ve been to Ted’s in Phoenix and it was like being home again. One thing I really miss is Freddie’s Doughnuts. Those were the best.

Gordon Dietz, BA ’88
Westminster, Md.

There was a place called the Pizza Plant. They’d deliver pizza “pods,” made with yummy fresh veggies, and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches (like sundaes) to campus. We thought we had arrived!

Krystin Corneilson, BA ’89
Sadieville, Ky.

Beef on ’weck, with extra-hot horseradish, is the food that I miss the most. Beef on ’weck, sponge candy and loganberry are not locally available, but I noticed that they can be ordered for overnight delivery from

Rob Roesser, PhD ’70, MS ’67 & BS ’64
Southfield, Mich.

Although I do miss the pizza, I would say that Italian bakeries and Greek restaurants are by far the thing I miss most since moving to Colorado.

Rob Jones, MUP ’08 & BA ’06
Colorodo Springs, Colo.

Whenever I’m in the area, I always stop at La Nova Pizzeria for some of their fingerlickin’ barbecue wings!

Verdene Lee, MS ’95
Ithaca, N.Y.

In addition to Anchor Bar’s suicidal wings, I really miss the Friday night fish fry! There is no fresh haddock to be found in the Rocky Mountains ... but the view here makes up for it.

Susan Wedaa, BA ’94
Denver, Colo.

I miss the chocolate-covered dates from the candy store across from the campus on Main Street. I miss the hot turkey sandwiches from the restaurant/diner across from campus. And finally, I miss the cinnamon-coated apples and loganberry drinks from Crystal Beach. I imagine all those places have disappeared after I left for California 51 years ago.

*Gordon Gibson, BA ’57
Orangevale, Calif.

Duff’s wings, beef on ’weck, orange chocolate sponge candy (from Platter’s in North Tonawanda), loganberry ... and Weber’s mustard, Ziggy’s Taco & Sub on Main Street, homemade pierogies, fresh kielbasa, Antoinette’s sundaes, and the fact that you can get anything charbroiled at Ted’s any time of year. There, I think I’ve covered all the major food groups.

Linda Pratt, BA ’82
Rochester, N.Y.

After a Pi Lambda Tau fraternity meeting at the Main Street campus, we would all gather at the Beef and Ale on Main Street for a beef on ’weck and a pitcher of Iroquois beer. My apartment on downtown Main Street was only one block away from the Anchor Bar, famous for its Buffalo wings. Good food and good memories!

Tom Romalewski, BS ’69
New Hope, Pa.

Jim’s Steakout chicken finger subs.

Marissa Brower, BS ’07
Honolulu, Hawaii

Wow. My mouth is watering for a beef on ’weck. My local grocery store in west Florida (Publix) sells “kimmelweck” rolls but it must be that Buffalo water—because nothing comes close to the real thing!

Jane Wittman-Roll, BA ’92
Cape Coral, Fla.

Wegmans! Ted’s hot dogs, Manhattan Bagel, Charlie the Butcher, Buffalo wings (anywhere in Buffalo), Perry’s ice cream, Scime’s Italian sausage, Luigi’s Italian bread.

Virginia Rizzo, BA ’02 & AA ’01
Winter Garden, Fla.

I absolutely miss Ted’s! Hot dogs have never tasted as good anywhere else. Every time I make a visit to Buffalo I bring a cooler and I stock up on the Sahlen’s hot dogs at Wegmans. But somehow they taste more delicious coming from Ted’s.

Arianna Grassia, BA ’06
Westchester, N.Y.

I miss the beef on ’weck from [the now-closed] Anacone’s.

Scott Debrow, BS ’83
Charleston, S.C.

Beef on ’weck! We left New York State in 1980 and relocated to South Carolina. The craving for beef on ’weck grew over the years and finally ... Moretti’s subs and pizza. The owner is from Buffalo and has beef on ’weck on Saturday evenings only. You must get there early because once they are gone, it’s a week until you can get them again. They aren’t exactly as I remember them, but in South Carolina it’s the next best thing to eating in Buffalo.

Dave Winans, BS ’74
Greenville, S.C.

I miss beef on ’weck. We often had it as part of our Christmas Eve dinner, along with salad and dessert. I found a bakery in Reno, Nev., that sold ’weck-like rolls. They would make them by special order, in a different shape, so I could make sandwiches.

Penelope LePome, BA ’67
Ridgecrest, Calif.

Hands-down, I miss Bocce Pizza—best I have ever had. It cost twice as much as the other pizzas back then and they were the only ones who didn’t deliver but who could resist buying one? They actually FedEx their half-baked pizzas all over the country.

Steve Feigin, BA ’67
Chatham, N.J.

Two words: Mighty Taco.

Steve Gyurindak, BS ’02
Raleigh, N.C.

I miss my Mighty Taco fix! Every time I visit Buffalo, I have to grab lunch from there at least once!

Atul Jain, BS ’02
Chicago, Ill.

I miss all the wings, Duff’s, Rooties (which I guess is closed), among them! Some of the wings here are OK, but not like the ones in Buffalo—also the early morning tacos at Mighty Taco.

Joe Ward, BS ’84
Olathe, Kan.

Before I moved back to Western New York, I craved Duff’s. I came through the area a few times after graduation and I always stopped at Duff’s. I also learned to make wings so I could have “real” wings whenever I wanted them.

Jeff Schmid, BA ’89
Lancaster, N.Y.

I miss Wegmans—the closest one to me is 45 minutes/55 miles. I definitely miss Duff’s, but what I miss most is being able to trust that virtually any wings I ordered in the Buffalo area were at least acceptable. Not so down here. I operate under the “must be recommended by multiple people” rule before I’ll order wings at a bar in the New York City area.

Michael Donato, BS ’03
Fair Lawn, N.J.

I do miss the wings and beef on ’weck, but also Mighty Taco and the pizza. While the wings in South Florida have improved over the last few years, there are no beef on ’wecks here nor the simplicity (and taste) of Mighty Taco. As for pizza … very few real good options, not to mention the variety of restaurants (cuisine) that Western New York has.

Wayne Salen, BA ’77
Palm Beach, Fla.

I miss Rooties’ wings. Sadly, they are no longer around. I also miss the steak burritos I used to have in a couple of the places near the South Campus, although I can’t recall their names.

Ubaldus Cheung, BS ’87
New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Beef on ’weck. (No one knows what ’weck is here.)

Michael Sugarman, EdD ’66, EdM ’60 & BS ’58
Akron, Ohio

When I left Buffalo, the food that I missed the most was beef on ’weck. I tried very hard, but you cannot find it any other place. The crispy-soft, salty roll with tons of sliced beef—yum yum, yum. After all these years, I can still taste it and go to Buffalo whenever I am anywhere near just to get the beef on ’weck.

Mary Bateman, BS ’72
Arlington, Va.

Drescher’s chocolates—the best!—and the first job I had after college—I graduated in January and got hired to help with the Valentine’s Day rush. However, things crashed because the cooling area was merely an insulated room and that winter got very warm, thereby ruining the process! Drescher’s was famous for his “anatomically correct” chocolate cupids, which were not my favorite! The sponge candy, or sea foam, was awesome and fascinating to watch being made. The “regular” ladies were very kind and answered all my questions, and we were allowed to sample essentially one candy per shift. That was another reason I loved the sponge candy—a lot got trimmed off and was “trash,” so it was OK to eat that any time!

Ginny Jones, BA ’71
Aztec, N.M.

I miss a group of us going across Main Street to that bar (no idea if it is still there), across from Hayes Hall, for wings and beer between studio and our evening Environmental Controls class. It’s pretty tough to find good wings out here in Southern California.

Mike Elia, BPS ’84
Upland, Calif.

Returning home to Western New York is wonderful on many different levels. Of course, there is seeing friends and family. However, living in the desert, you forget how green and colorful everything is back home. Plus the water is something you really miss: the Niagara River, the Erie Canal, the different streams, lakes and Niagara Falls! And the incredible food is unforgettable: Number 1 is chicken wings with blue cheese dressing. For some reason, ranch dressing is served with wings out here in the west and it’s a definite no-no for any Western New Yorker. Beef on ’weck is unheard of here, but when I tell people about it, their eyes get wide and they wish they could have a taste of that! There’s also the sweet potato fries, Ted’s hot dogs, the local tavern fish fries, even the deli food is better back home. Even though the Las Vegas strip has five-star restaurants to enjoy, there still is nothing like Buffalo food. Love, it, miss it, want it!

Deborah Lorenc, MSW ’90
Las Vegas, Nev.

Buffalo pizza, wings, subs ... Ted’s and Anderson’s!

Daniel Grasso, BS ’00
San Jose, Calif.

I would love to get beef on ’weck. People here do not know what I am talking about. Also charcoal-broiled hot dogs—out here they are just steamed.

Leonard Schaer, MD ’55 & BA ’53
Alamo, Calif.

Nowhere in the world do they serve “Buffalo” chicken wings like they do in Buffalo, N.Y. The pretenders will remain. Truly the best wings are from Duff’s. Back in the day, who could beat a pitcher of beer, bucket of fries with gravy, and wings hotter than the pits of hell. Pretty much every day and especially during Bills season that primal craving commences. Now I have to get some ... when is the next flight to Buffalo?

Mark Simonelli, BA ’91
Gainesville, Fla.

Jim’s Steakout’s Chicken Philly.

Gautham Brahma, MS ’08
Lubbock, Texas

Since my move to Florida, I miss hot dogs, Anderson’s soft ice cream and yogurt, Schwabl’s Restaurant and anything they serve.

Jess Hooton, BA ’69
Clearwater, Fla.

Beef on ’weck by far, because it is not readily available anywhere else.

Edward Dunlap, MD ’54 & BA ’47
Fort Myers, Fla.

I miss chicken wings more than anything. It’s been a three-year quest [to find them] since I graduated. I’ve lived in New York City, New Jersey and North Carolina, and there’s no place that can make wings as authentic as Buffalo can!

Kaela Keluskar, PharmD ’08
New York, N.Y.

I left Buffalo in 1981 and the food memories are still larger than life. Beef and cheese burritos from Mighty Taco top my list of foods I miss. Nobody makes that combination anywhere that I’ve lived. I still look for it in stores and restaurants. Beef on ’weck comes in second. It’s always a “must have” when I come to visit. After that are Ted’s and Ja-Fa-Fa’s hot dogs and good pizzas from the West Side. I don’t crave wings because I just make them here. I only use Anchor Bar Wing Sauce—nothing else compares. I drive about 25 miles to buy it from the one place nearby that carries it. I ordered it online from for years until I found this store. I even flew in ’weck through that website once. I highly recommend it if you just have to have some good ol’ native Buffalo foods.

Pat Lovejoy-Cazobon, BA ’79
Granbury, Texas

Hmm … When I travel back to Buffalo, I try to squeeze in most if not all of the following haunts: Mighty Taco or Jim’s Steakout after a night out partying at Caupti’s... Tim Horton’s or Denny’s for breakfast the next morning ... a Wegmans sub (not specific to Buffalo, but we sure don’t have them in North Carolina), or some wings at Duff’s for lunch. I also miss the fries and gravy at Average Joe’s along with Jasmine Thai Restaurant, where I love to eat food so spicy it makes me cry. More than the food itself, I miss all the people I used to eat it with back in my college days! Ah, the memories.

Mary Schmid, EdM ’07 & BA ’06
Fayetteville, N.C.

I enjoy eating Duff’s wings, hot and crispy, with ranch salad dressing, and an ice-cold loganberry.

Brandi Gaston, BA ’10
Amherst, N.Y.

I miss loganberry, Mighty Taco, Wegmans, mango lassi from the Indian place on the North Campus, Yuengling (not sold out west), Red Cat and White Cat wines, wings cooked right (crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside).

Shana Sessler, BA ’08 & BS ’08
Englewood, Colo.

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