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Fall 2009





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If you could create another national holiday, what would you call it?*

In My Opinion *Question posed in “In My Opinion,” a feature of the monthly electronic newsletter @UB, a portion of which also appears regularly in UB Today. To subscribe, go to the Stay Informed tab at

We should create a national holiday in August and call it Peace Day to commemorate the fact that nuclear weapons were used by the U.S. on another country (atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, August 6 and 9, 1945), in the hopes that they will never be used again.

John Harder, BS ’87
Albany, NY

National Unplug Day. People would turn off all phones, computers, electronic games, TomToms, etc. Get back to what is going on right around you.

Lori Klamner-Wood, BA ’81
New York, NY

9/11 should be commemorated as National Remembrance and Community Volunteer Day. It would be a day for nationwide volunteerism to honor the victims and the first responders.

Irene Burns, MD ’78
Batavia, NY

My holiday would be called “X-Day.” This holiday would be used as a day to mend a relationship, have lunch with an ex, reconnect with an old friend or whatever someone decides “X” stands for.

Sarah Ruchalski, BA ’06
Lancaster, NY

Patriot’s Day—to honor all citizens throughout America’s history who have lived ethically and honorably.

Bob Deneen, CEL ’92
Amherst, NY

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Here in Ontario there is a holiday in February called “Family Day”—it falls on the third Monday of the month. I would recreate this day in the U.S. It’s all about having a long weekend to spend with the kids, enjoying each other.

Jennifer Wood, BS ’00 & BA ’98
Toronto, ON

I would designate a National Volunteer Day to honor the efforts of everyone who volunteers and to encourage others to give of themselves. The U.S. has a wonderful culture of volunteerism that is not seen anywhere else in the world.

Jane Wittman-Roll, BA ’92
Cape Coral, FL

Equal Access to Justice Day! We must all ensure that access to a lawyer to guide you through the complexities of the legal system is not just for those who can afford to pay. One national holiday would serve to remind everyone—lawyers and non-lawyers alike—of this sacred, truly American, principle.

Sam Prince, BA ’78
Plano, TX

Repeal Day–December 5. Celebrates the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment on that date in 1933, and our freedom to brew and drink alcohol.

Michael Donato, BS ’03
Fair Lawn, NJ

International Women’s Day is annually observed on March 8. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. The only other day celebrating women [in the U.S.] is Mother’s Day, which is not a national holiday.

Judith Weiland, MA ’02 & BA ’98
Amherst, NY

I’d extend to a national level a decades-old tradition they have in Cincinnati. I’d make the first day of the new baseball season a national holiday. We could just call it “Opening Day.”

Thomas Capo, PhD ’97
Silver Spring, MD

E Pluribus Unum Day: A celebration of the melting pot of America, how immigrants from all over the world have come together to build and shape this country. It would honor diversity and multiculturalism, while recognizing the values and diversity of the various regions of the country.

Wayne Elsaesser, BS ’01
Holland, NY

Taxpayer Day. It is the taxpayer who pays for all of the other “special” days!

David Rose, DDS ’67
Roseville, CA

I would make May 11 a national holiday. It is the anniversary of the incorporation of UB in 1846.

Ronald Balter, BA ’80
Brooklyn, NY

Family Day.

Jeanne Martens, BS ’79
Dearborn, MI

Volunteer Day to recognize those who volunteer their time to help the community, and to publicize the importance of volunteerism. Citizens would be encouraged to spend this day volunteering.

Terry Lynch Fleig, Friend
Orchard Park, NY

I think we should create a National Day of Remembrance on 9/11. We need a day to remember those who were lost on that tragic day and those who survived, and to recall when time seemed to stand still. America will never be the same, but a day to salute the human spirit living and past is needed.

Christine Lewis, BA ’95
Kendall Park, NJ

President John F. Kennedy’s Birthday: May 29, 1917.

Peter Frieary, JD ’88
Albany, NY

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