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Winter 2009





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What new technologies do you use to communicate—and why?*

In My Opinion *Question posed in “In My Opinion,” a feature of the monthly electronic newsletter @UB, a portion of which also appears regularly in UB Today. To subscribe, go to the UB Link menu at

I’m a technology nut, though I’m not interested in blogging. This is because I’ve never been good at keeping a journal. I use the Internet for news and entertainment, but what most impresses me is Web-based communication. I stay in touch with friends more often than I ever did before e-mail, and I’m amazed at the amount and variety of information on the Web, both professionally and personally. All my profession’s journals are accessible online, as well as audio and PowerPoint presentations from conferences. It requires new skills not to drown in it all. I would be very interested in UB podcasts.

John MacDonald, BA ’77
Poulsbo, WA

I definitely use Facebook every day. However, in my position as a UB graduate student and as a future instructor for UB 101 [a one-credit seminar course that helps first-year students transition to campus life], I am always vigilant about what gets posted on my profile, especially pictures. It can be tricky to find a balance between sharing fun stories about yourself and maintaining some level of professionalism. It does allow me to connect with other students quickly and easily, so I doubt that I will stop using Facebook any time soon.

Mary Schmid, EdM ’07 & BA ’06
Buffalo, NY

I use technology extensively for work and professional purposes. While I subscribe to a couple of the social network groups (Facebook and LinkedIn, for example), I rarely have time to check them or to keep them up to date, nor do I intend to join additional social networking groups. I do belong to Development Executive Group, and would consider joining a UB or professional site. However, I don’t find blogs in general—and especially those open to the general public—all that useful or interesting. I don’t particularly like podcasts, as they often have very superficial information. What I do use quite a bit is SKYPE for staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues when I am traveling.

Learn more about opportunities for UB alumni social networking. Meanwhile, more and more campus units are producing podcasts, including WBFO, the School of Social Work and the Division of Athletics.

Joseph Lombardo, BA ’73 & BA ’73
Reston, VA

I use the Internet in many ways. I have a Web site that I mainly use to post photographs to share with friends and relatives, though anyone else is welcome to look at it. But I am not interested in online communities such as MySpace, though I can’t give a good reason why this is so. Maybe I could be convinced otherwise if I found the right community. Podcasts, on the other hand, are terrific. I subscribe to several, mostly professionally produced programs related to science and technology, and appreciate the ability to listen to them when it suits my schedule. If UB produced podcasts, I would be interested in seeing what was offered, but I would subscribe only if the content interested me.

John Barnes, MA ’72
Harrisburg, PA

I am an academic librarian and as part of my university service, I chair a campus committee whose task is to investigate ways to increase student retention. I’ve been using Facebook to make contact with the transfer students at our school; the goal is to find out what kinds of problems they have making the transition to our campus and to find ways to fix those problems. I also like Facebook and MySpace because they give me some insight into how the younger generation thinks (I’m 60). This helps me be a better librarian. I love technology, and definitely would join UB’s MySpace site!

Carol Goodson, MLS ’72 & BA ’70
Carrollton, GA

I blog, Facebook, Twitter—love it all!

Tamar Jacobson, PhD ’97, EdM ’92 & BA ’89
Philadelphia, PA

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