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Do you keep track of renewed efforts to make Buffalo a hot place—especially on cultural, architectural and historical fronts? If so, what is your favorite way to maintain that connection?*

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Illustration Michael Gelen, JD '88

I think is fantastic, as is the Web site for Western New York Heritage Press (, which puts out a fantastic quarterly magazine. The Buffalo News has always been a champion. I think the real heroes, however, are the bloggers who put so much time and energy into putting the good word out there [about Buffalo].
Michael Wolf, BA ’95 & BA ’95
Amherst, NY

I am originally from a small city about 40 miles from Buffalo. To keep in touch with Western New York, I maintain a sub-scription to that city’s newspaper. I also sometimes check the Buffalo News online and occasionally look at other regional Web sites. In addition, I visit the area several times a year and, of course, I read @UB.
John Barnes, MA ’72
Harrisburg, PA

As the director of communications for the Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), it’s my hope that the UB community will begin to use the CVB’s recently relaunched Web sites for news of the many exciting new visitor attractions in our region. Of particular note, several audio podcasts and videos have been added to the sites. If you’re planning a trip to Buffalo, please take a look at our general-interest Web site ( or our cultural tourism site (
Ed Healy, BA ’80
Buffalo, NY

I keep in touch with Buffalo via and as well as this [@UB] newsletter.
Ryan Snyder, MBA ’98
Carlsbad, CA

Although I had to relocate to find desirable employment, I am still attached to my hometown of Buffalo. I read the Buffalo News every day online, as well as local television station Web sites. At work, I occasionally listen to WBEN or WGR streaming audio; and is a good site to see what’s new in Buffalo. I have several federal job sites providing me with daily updates so I can see if anything in my field opens up in Western New York, but it’s looking pretty bleak.
Michael Strasser, BA ’05
Petersburg, VA

My husband is a Buffalo native, so we get back to town a couple of times a year to visit relatives. This summer, I took my 14-year-old son on a campus tour to relive the “old days,” when he was a preschooler at the Early Childhood Research Center and I worked right across from him in Baldy Hall. We even had lunch sitting among the columns at Baird Point. I regularly read the Buffalo News online to keep up, and I enjoy receiving UB Today as well as this e-mail.
Jill (Straney) Geisendorfer, BA ’87
Shelby Township, MI

I follow what is happening in Buffalo through many sources, including the UB Web site ( and UB Today. I also have coworkers and friends who are from the area and have family still there, or have children attending UB. Whatever the source, I enjoy hearing and reading about the vast array of changes that are occurring. It also gives me a sense of pride to be a graduate of a school that has [grown] and continues to grow in its national recognition!
Marlene Erner, BS ’74
Slingerlands, NY

I keep up with Buffalo through, family and friends, and via sports on the [national] news. The pride always comes out when the sports teams are doing well.
John Lee, BS ’88
St. Louis, MO

I keep in touch with a friend who lives in Buffalo. Now saying there’s an effort to make Buffalo a “hot” place is like the opposite of hell freezing over, thermostatically speaking. Having left Buffalo 33 years ago, my favorite place to see snow is still in photographs.
Marilyn Traugott, EdM ’73 & BA ’70
Redding, CA

*Question posed in “In My Opinion,” a feature of the monthly electronic newsletter @UB, a portion of which also appears regularly in UB Today. To subscribe, go to the UB Link menu at