From the UBAA President

Serving you and the community to better represent UB

Marc A. Adler

ONE OF THE ACTIVITIES that traditionally takes place each Homecoming weekend is a meeting of the UB Alumni Association board of directors, when many of its 40 members come back to Buffalo to partake in the annual events. Before last October’s meeting, I reflected on what it means to be president of the association and the obligations my fellow board members and I have as the voice of UB alumni.

Our first obligation is obvious: We serve you and the nearly 200,000 other UB alumni around the world. (I obviously can’t include all your names here, but if you want to look someone up, please visit the online directory found in UB Connect.) Equally important, however, are the many other constituencies in and around the university community—they include faculty, staff, students and the wider public.

We also are obliged to represent the university in a way that strengthens its position among other institutions of higher learning, and we must be good stewards of UB’s reputation wherever we go.

Dues-paying members of the UB Alumni Association are, of course, our key constituents—their loyalty inspires our own dedica-tion. And we are mindful of our partners in the alumni office, who carry out the board’s vision on a day-to-day basis. Our responsibility also lies in supporting alumni events and the committees that lead them; we actively provide financial support to UB and promote its outreach efforts. By proudly serving as role models and mentors to current students, we lead by example and encourage other alumni to follow suit.

With all these responsibilities in mind, the UBAA board of directors has promised to work toward meeting and exceeding your expectations. After all, how can we ask for your help if we aren’t equally as dedicated?

I want to encourage more of you to deepen your bond with the university as it strives to meet the goals established in UB 2020. This important relationship can exhibit itself through attendance at UB-sponsored events, through involvement in alumni association activities, by joining the UB Believers campaign, or simply by making a donation to any of a number of university programs or endeavors.

Please contact me to find out how you can get involved. You can find me on Facebook, by phone (716-523-1957) or via e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marc A. Adler

Marc A. Adler, MA ’83, MBA ’82 & BA ’79
President, UB Alumni Association