Signs of Student Success

Coinciding with its efforts to enrich the undergraduate experience, the university in September welcomed its strongest freshman class ever from the standpoint of academic credentials and students’ engagement with campus life.

The university enrolled 3,263 freshmen from a record-high 20,000 applications for admission. These entering students had a mean high school average of 92 and an average composite SAT score of 1199.

Beyond the test scores, though, imponderables of attitude, confidence and personal style also can spell academic success. Here, too, results are bringing smiles to campus admissions officers long concerned with reports of an anemic undergraduate experience.

According to the 2007 New Freshman Survey conducted by the university’s Office of Institutional Analysis, UB freshmen rate themselves more highly than those from fall 2003 and 2005 on a broad array of academic and personal skills, such as math and writing ability, and the drive to achieve.

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