Stills from Chashmal and Sa’arah, the first two parts of a three-part video and audio work by David Felder and Elliot Caplan.

Propelling the Creative Arts

During the 1980s, David Felder embarked on a series of ambitious collaborations with artists in other disciplines. As financial support for such projects dried up, however, he was forced to abandon the projects.

Fast-forward two decades: Thanks to Robert Morris, Felder is realizing the dream he’d written off. The composer has teamed up with Elliot Caplan, a UB media studies professor and director of the Center for the Moving Image, to create a three-part video and audio work that maps the sound of the bass voice over a landscape of elemental sounds.

For Felder, Morris’ support of the music department enhances what he can accomplish in every realm of his profession: as producer, educator and artist. “He is very interested in seeing where creative people go,” says Felder, Birge-Cary Professor of Composition and director of the Robert G. and Carol L. Morris Center for 21st Century Music. “He likes the notion that the solutions are not known and that creative people will plunge in.”

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