Dinner for 12 Strangers

On February 16–17 and February 23–24, numerous UB alumni and students in Western New York will come together for a meal, network-ing and camaraderie. Dinner for 12 Strangers—one of the UB Alumni Association’s newest traditions—is based on a simple concept: Alumni host dinners in their homes for up to 12 students. Guests may also include favorite faculty or staff members.

“D12” dinner parties (or brunches or dessert receptions) are held each February and give all guests an opportunity to interact in a casual and relaxing environment. Not only do students benefit from meeting established alumni and other students, but alumni have the opportunity to reconnect with UB and other alumni and to reignite their own blue-and-white spirit.

For more information on D12 or to learn more about hosting, check out the UB Alumni Association Web site at http://alumni.buffalo.edu/D12. Or contact Patty Starr at (716) 645-3312, ext. 241, or pstarr@buffalo.edu.