Be a UB Believer

Madison Penetrante, 6, who introduced video on UB’s future, with UB Council Chair Jeremy M. Jacobs and UB President John B. Simpson at August 7 press conference announcing “UB Believers” initiative. (Photo by Douglas Levere BA '89)

UB Believers is a new, broad-based advocacy group that has been created to help support the University at Buffalo and its plans to grow by 40 percent between now and the year 2020.

A larger UB will be better positioned for success and will have a greater impact on the prosperity and quality of life in Western New York.

UB Believers is composed of dedicated individuals with an important role to play in helping UB achieve greater prominence among the nation’s leading public research universities. They include representatives from key constituencies ranging from community leaders and alumni, to parents and students, to members of the faculty and staff.

Membership in UB Believers is free and open to all who want to support UB’s growth to greatness. It is not limited to those who live in Western New York—we need the support of everyone who believes in UB. As a UB booster, you will receive regular e-mail updates from the university on its plans, progress and legislative issues. You also will receive e-mail communications asking you to become an active advocate on specific legislative and budgetary issues important to UB and its future that will be under consideration by Governor Eliot Spitzer and members of the New York State Senate and Assembly.

When requested to take action, you will be referred to a special UB Web site where you will be able to direct e-mail to elected officials, using a prepared message or developing your own. You also will be able to encourage others to show they believe in UB by using the site to send them information about UB Believers and to encourage them to join.

To join UB Believers, please go to