UB Today Spring/Summer 2007 Issue

Dear Reader,

With each issue of UB Today, we are presenting an online complement that extends the magazine’s content and allows us to go beyond our 48 print pages. Beginning with our Fall ’07 edition, we’ll update you on what to expect.

In this issue, for instance, we can tell you more about the fascinating work of Marcella Fierro, MD ’66, Virginia’s chief medical examiner. If you are intrigued by the experiences of students portrayed in “What I Did On My Summer Vacation,” read Sarah Brancatella’s compelling essay on her three months in Kenya.

You can also find more alumni books, additional responses to “repeat the question” and more detail and information on our yearbook cover story.

Of course, we want to do more. We’re working on developing more special content and more interactive ways for you to give us your feedback on specific stories. Meanwhile, we invite your reaction and comments—just click on “The Mail.”

Ann Whitcher-Gentzke
UB Today Editor