UBAA Member Spotlight


Why am I a member of the UB Alumni Association?

“How could I not join an organization that promotes UB! I volunteered in the Meet-a-Mentor program for a few years and, after moving to the Albany area, I felt a strong desire to connect with people from Buffalo and, more importantly, with other UB alums. In Albany, I will once again be mentoring current UB students and alumni and will also help to recruit new students. I am very loyal to UB, and cannot speak more highly of my time there, the friends I made and the lasting impression I have of the university. I even married a UB alum (Nicholas Palmucci, BS ’05, on September 8, 2007).”

  • Melissa (Hubbard) Palmucci, EdM ’04 & BA ’01
  • Albany, New York

Palmucci close-up
Member since 2001, currently busy cofounding new Albany, NY, chapter; director of campus MBA programs at University at Albany; formerly career counselor for UB and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; from Grand Island, NY