The Benefits of Exchange

Beyond the prestige factor, overseas exchanges bring multiple benefits to a campus like UB. How so? Here is an analysis of the paybacks as detailed by the Office of International Education:

  • Exchanges contribute to increasing high-quality international student enrollments from the countries in which the programs are located, often long after the programs end.
  • In the wake of 9/11 and growing restrictions on access to American higher education by international students, U.S. institutions are increasingly bringing their programs to the students overseas; UB has been in the vanguard of this effort.
  • Overseas programs create opportunities for research in the host country by participating UB faculty, who thus have privileged access and connections through the partner institution.
  • While sponsors primarily fund education and training programs, they have also provided grants to support research activities by participating UB faculty.
  • Such programs enhance the development of international alumni relations; overseas alumni are supportive of UB programs in their own countries and see them as an extension of the larger institution.

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