Staying in Touch

For 30 years, retired UB administrator Pat Kujawa got to know SA presidents, watching with delight their budding maturity as leaders. “Usually they were involved with the SA organization well before they were elected president,” she says. “So I saw them from the time they were freshmen until they graduated, or went on to graduate school. It was amazing to see the maturity level grow and also how they handled situations from the time they came into office until the time they left. I always said we had the cream of the crop of students who came through UB—so bright. These were—and are—great, great kids.”

In 2005, when Kujawa formally retired as SA administrative director, “a large cast of former SA presidents who spanned 25 years traveled to a Buffalo restaurant to honor her,” recalls former president Timothy Sheehan, JD ’84 & BA ’81.

To maintain and further the connections among the former presidents, UB’s Office of Student Affairs is forming a past student leader organization and hopes to have a Web site, along with a newsletter, plus social and informational gatherings. These formal efforts follow years of trying to keep in touch through email and informal networking.

“My wife, Leilani, and I have been fortunate to have been guests at more than our fair share of SA weddings and children’s christenings,” says Dennis Black, JD ’81, UB’s vice president for student affairs. “Every one of them has been wonderful and special.”

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