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What are your expectations for the 2006 UB Bulls football season?

Frank Bradley, BA ’93 & BA ’93

New York, NY

I expect that the team members will focus hard on their studies and that all the seniors will graduate. Success in the athletic arena begins with success in the academic arena.

Donald O. Rachow, MD ’53 & BA ’49

Williamsville, NY

I’m hopeful for at least four game winners. This coach should be great.

Mike Higgins, BS ’93

Baltimore, MD

I am waiting for the Bulls to turn a corner. Let’s get it done, Coach Gill!

Carlton (“Chip”) Stone, BA ’95

Newark, DE

Having played for UB from 1990 to 1993, I am just hoping that they can win three or four games and get some respect from the football writers of America. I’m tired of reading that UB is last, or second to last, out of all the teams in the country in Division I-A football. Let’s restore some pride in the program! I think Turner Gill is a great hire, and I am sure he’ll turn things around inside of four years.

Sheree Pincus, BA ’85

Davie, FL

I remember the name “Turner Gill” way back on the ol’ gridiron with pride and admiration, as I am from that generation of football. I was also involved with the PR during the reinstitution of football at UB back in 1977. I am amazed and very pleased to hear that UB now has recruited Turner as our head football coach. Essentially, I believe football games are won by the defense. And if we can get a good defensive support staff to match half of Turner’s credentials and Turner respects that his expertise is in offense and recruitment (offering supervision, but respect for others in their areas), I expect we can look forward to a turnaround program of national respect, recognition and success.

Alexander Heinrich, MBA ’04

Chicago, IL

Win a home game. Just one.

John G. Rizzo, JD ’01

Rochester, NY

I have realistic expectations for the 2006 UB Bulls team. However, as an avid sports fan, I want the UB Bulls to be nothing less than a national force in Division I football. UB can get there and it will be awesome seeing UB in the national spotlight. The bottom line is that now they need all our support, whether it is going to the games, financial donations or just talking to high school prospects about the potential of UB.

UB has so much to offer: great school, football city (building a solid relationship with the Bills can only help recruiting), great resources and great football weather! Realistically, I know this success is not going to happen in one year. However, if we as players, students and alumni have the vision to see the UB Bulls as a national powerhouse, we should be asking, “What is it that I can do to help this program?” Let me know what I can do.

Gary Eye, BS ’69

Hamburg, NY

I would like to be optimistic, but as a season ticket holder for five-plus years, it is hard to think it won’t be a difficult year. Some of the talent is there, however, and some programs do turn around quickly, such as Northern Illinois did a few years ago. I will hang on for another year.

Jamie W. Baker, BS ’97

Sebastian, FL

My expectations are not that high. I expect improvements on both offense and defense, enough so that UB becomes competitive—competitive not in the sense of wins, but fewer blowout losses. I believe bringing in Turner Gill was a step in the right direction. I hope he is given at least five years to prove what kind of a coach he can be. I’m expecting and hoping for three wins. Anything more than that would be truly great.

Chris Bauer, BA ’99

Charlotte, NC

How about three wins—in one season! Imagine that ...

Ron Leta, BS ’72

Chesapeake, VA

Like all fans, I hope to see a winning season for our team. My UB football memories are from the 1966 to 1968 seasons, when we enjoyed some measure of success, until the Vietnam War and the campus unrest stopped the game. My expectation for the first year under a new coach is a .500 season, with some exciting losses, but with a bright future.

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