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I Remember Running: The Year I Got Everything I Ever Wanted–and ALS

I Remember Running: The Year I Got Everything I Ever Wanted–and ALS

By Darcy Wakefield, MA '96

The author of this moving memoir was a young, single, workaholic English professor who had never had a serious health problem. Then she was diagnosed with ALS and her world turned upside down. I Remember Running is Darcy Wakefield's story of change, loss and challenges during her first year with ALS, as she struggled to make sense of her diagnosis and to redefine herself in the face of this terminal illness.

With unflagging courage, wit and eloquence, Wakefield shares a life in which she applies for disability, leaves her job and plans her own funeral. She also meets and moves in with her true love, buys a house and gives birth to her first child. “As time and the disease progress, Wakefield, living what she calls 'a fast–forward life,' seems wiser, braver and more alive than ever,” writes Publishers Weekly. (Avalon Publishing Group, 2005)

At press time, word was received of Darcy Wakefield's passing on December 10, 2005, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. To read about her life, go to

What's Wrong with Children's Rights

What's Wrong with Children's Rights

By Martin Guggenheim, BA '66

The author, a nationally renowned expert on children's legal standing and professor of clinical law at New York University, offers a trenchant analysis of the most significant debates in the children's rights movement, particularly those that treat children's interests as being antagonistic to those of their parents. “The issues addressed [by this book] are timely, and will impact millions of children in the U.S.,” writes Bernardine Dohrn, director of the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University. (Harvard University Press, 2005)

The Indian Chief as Tragic Hero

The Indian Chief as Tragic Hero: Native Resistance and the Literatures of America, from Moctezuma to Tecumseh

By Gordon M. Sayre, PhD '93

The Indian Chief as Tragic Hero offers an analysis of not only the tragedies and epics written about the leaders of anticolonial wars of resistance (Metacom, Pontiac, Tecumseh and Cuauhtemoc), but also studies their own speeches and strategies, as recorded in archival sources and narratives by adversaries. The author, associate professor and director of graduate studies in English at the University of Oregon, concludes that these tragedies and epics about Native resistance established the foundation for revolutionary culture and historiography in the three modern nations of North America. (University of North Carolina Press, 2005)

Have Dinner With Your Kids!

Have Dinner With Your Kids!

By Susan Lackey Olivos, BA '85

In this book, subtitled “Establishing the customs and traditions that teach children respect, manners and kindness,” Susan Lackey Olivos offers a unique, yet practical, perspective on child–rearing. A veteran teacher with more than 18 years' experience, Olivos currently divides her time between home–schooling her three children and raising funds for the Olive Tree Foundation for Education, a scholarship fund that she and her husband, William, founded to assist underprivileged youth in Latin America. (Back Yard Publisher, 2005)

Time Mastery

Time Mastery: How Temporal Intelligence Will Make You A Stronger, More Effective Leader

By John K. Clemens and Scott Dalrymple, PhD '97 & MBA '91

Time Mastery includes dozens of examples of leaders whose temporal intelligence helped them achieve business breakthroughs at organizations such as GE, 3M, Staples and Dell. The authors help readers to stop seeing time as a fixed, rigid constant, and how to truly take control of it. “Time Mastery is a refreshing, intelligent and witty discussion of time as more than the ticks of a clock,” writes James M. Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge. Scott Dalrymple is assistant professor of management at Hartwick College and CEO of Dalrymple Consulting. (AMACOM, 2005)

The Failure of Democratic Nation Building

The Failure of Democratic Nation Building: Ideology Meets Evolution

By Albert Somit and Steven A. Peterson, PhD '74

Albert Somit, former executive vice president and chair of the political science department at UB; and Steven Peterson, PhD '74, professor of politics at Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg, argue that humans are social primates with an innate tendency for hierarchical and authoritarian social and political structures. Democracy, on the other hand, requires special “enabling conditions” that may take decades to evolve. As a result, the authors assert, attempts to export democracy to states through nation building are doomed to failure, if these enabling conditions are not present. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005)

Moments of Grace

Moments of Grace

Mark Cohen, BA '68, and the Spirits

Moments of Grace (2005) is a collection of songs by Mark Cohen, BA '68, whose roots reach back to the vibrant Greenwich Village music scene and to albums he recorded for the renowned Folkways Records label. With musicians who have backed Bo Diddley, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones and with one of the Chiffons as a backup singer, Moments of Grace includes “Buffalo,” called by Los Angeles broadcaster Phil Blazer “a song destined to become an American classic.” Moments of Grace is available in the U.S. at, and in Europe at

The Experience of Retirement

The Experience of Retirement

By Robert S. Weiss, BA ’49

The author, senior fellow in the Gerontology Institute and emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, provides one of the first qualitative examinations of retirement. Weiss makes the experience of retirement vivid by presenting in retirees’ own words their descriptions of leaving their careers, considering what to do with their time, confronting issues of income, reorganizing their lives, and dealing—sometimes—with social isolation. The interviews also reveal the way in which retirement affects marriages and other family relationships. (Cornell University Press,2005)

Popoki the Hawaiian Cat

Popoki, the Hawaiian Cat: An Amazing Adventure with the Whale

By Diana C. Gleasner, MA ’65; illustrations by Andrea Evans Winton

The third in a series of Popoki picture books for children three and older, Popoki, the Hawaiian Cat won a 2005 Ka Palapala Po’okela (“excellent manuscript”) Award from the Hawaii Book Publishers Association. The story takes place on the island of Maui and relates the adventures of Popoki, a spirited Hawaiian cat, who learns that you can get into trouble, even in paradise. (Peninsula Press, 2004).

Going Places With Youth Outreach

Going Places With Youth Outreach: Smart Marketing Strategies for Your Library

By Angela B. Pfeil, MLS ’97 & BA ’96

Going Places with Youth Outreach offers tips for getting children’s attention in libraries, from where to post event flyers (child’s eye height, please) to taking story time to where restless children might be waiting. This hands-on guide describes techniques for librarians to develop a comprehensive marketing plan to promote children’s and youth services, allow new audiences to experience library services firsthand at schools and events, build community partnerships and evaluate program offerings. “The premise here—that outreach efforts are, in fact, marketing—makes for a highly readable and useful book,” writes Library Journal. (ALA Editions, 2005)

The Stone House Diaries

The Stone House Diaries: An Historical Novel of Niagara Falls

By Robert C. Moore, BA ’78

The Stone House Diaries captures the history of Niagara Falls, New York, through the reflections of several generations of residents. The house and those who called it home embody the area: at times beautiful, often conflicted and occasionally, victims of circumstances beyond their control. The novel depicts Nehemiah Clearly, the 20-year-old son of a Loyalist, fighting for the volunteer New York militia in the War of 1812. (The Local History Company, 2005).

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