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Roving reporter Jackie O’Brien, BA ’05, offers a quick take on athletics at UB
No Bull: sports lingo explained
Warde Manuel named new AD — follows release of Corrigan Report
That’s Coach with a capital “C”

No Bull: sports lingo explained

“true” freshman vs. “redshirt” freshman

The term “true” means an athlete is competing during his or her first semester of classes at a college or university. When a player receives a “redshirt” designation, this means he or she has participated in a collegiate academic year, but did not participate in athletics over the course of the season. Generally, a “redshirt freshman” in college football is a sophomore who practiced with the team, but did not participate in any games, meaning that that season will not count against the player’s four years of NCAA eligibility, allowing him to play four full seasons. It is also possible—though less common—that the athlete was seriously injured during the season and forced to remain on the sidelines, thus barring his or her participation.

Victor E. Bull
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