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Read On: Recent Books and CD's by UB Alumni

Attention Alumni Authors:
UB Today publishes notices on recent books and CDs by alumni. Send brief, factual descriptions of the book or CD, along with copies of the publisher's or producer's blurb and critical reviews, if desired. Include the full name of the publishing house or recording company, year of publication or production and the author's UB degree (s) and the year(s) received. Indicate where the author now lives and any current credentials that relate to the subject matter of the book, or the content of the CD.

To accompany each listing, camera-ready book jacket or CD cover art, or the book or CD itself, may be sent to UB Today, 330 Crofts Bldg., Buffalo, NY 14260, and will be returned if requested. High-resolution digital book cover art (scanned at 300 dpi) is preferred for the print edition and may be sent, along with a description of the book or CD, to whitcher@buffalo.edu. Preference is given to titles of wide general interest.

All submissions are subject to editing for length and clarity. Please include a daytime telephone number for verification.

Shalom Aleichem Shalom Aleichem: The Music of Kabbalat Shabbat
Carl Cedar, BA '77

Carl Cedar has produced this richly textured collection of psalms that welcome in the Jewish Sabbath. Featuring the voice of Cantor Marcia Tilchin of Congregation B'nai Israel in Tustin, California, where he resides, Cedar performs all instrumental tracks and supporting vocals. A former clarinet student of UB Professor Emeritus of Music Allen Sigel, Cedar is now manager of music for the Disneyland Resort in California. Shalom Aleichem is available at www.cdbaby.com/tilchincedar.

Itinerant Men Itinerant Men
By Deborah Meadows, BA '77
(Krupskaya Press, 2004)

In Itinerant Men, Deborah Meadows takes Herman Melville's Moby Dick one chapter at a time, offering what is termed "a reading-through" of the famous 1851 novel that combines chance operation with philosophical investigation. Meadows teaches in the liberal studies department at California Polytechnic State University in Pomona.

Permanent Party Permanent Party
By Michael Casey, MA '73
(March Street Press, 2005)

In his latest book of poetry, Michael Casey, winner of the 1972 Yale Younger Poets Award for his collection, Obscenities, offers another poetic reading of the experiences of military policemen during the Vietnam War. "Permanent Party is a tumble of encounters a young MP discovers while time runs out before going overseas," writes Walt McDonald, Poet Laureate of Texas. "Casey transcribes everyday rage and cruel anger in blunt, simple words that go off like gongs."

Intertextuality in Western Art Music Intertextuality in Western Art Music
By Michael L. Klein, PhD '95
(Indiana University Press, 2005)

The author, assistant professor and chair of music theory at Temple University in Philadelphia, considers the significance of intertextuality in 19th- and 20th-century music. The book draws on literary theory and philosophical works by Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Umberto Eco and Jacques Derrida. Raymond Monelle, Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, calls this book "a many-sided survey of the topic, open-ended and truthful C9 fresh and inspirational."

A Consumer's Guide to Laboratory Tests A Consumer's Guide to Laboratory Tests
By Mary C. Ricotta, PhD '92 & EdM '72
(Prometheus Books, 2005)

The author, an experienced clinical laboratory scientist who has worked at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, offers an informative, accessible guide to laboratory tests, helping the consumer understand the many kinds of medical tests done in a lab. Readers facing such testing, or wishing to learn more about a test prescribed for a family member, can understand what is being tested and, most important, what the results will mean. "Descriptions of body systems, laboratory procedures, organisms, cell structures, proper specimen collection and handling C9 are presented for easy understanding, instruction, and explanation," writes Adelmo P. Dunghe, MD, in a foreword.

Gods of Aberdeen Gods of Aberdeen
By Micah Nathan, BA '98
(Simon & Schuster, 2005)

This gothic suspense novel takes place on a private college campus, where a group of students get involved in murder and mayhem in the midst of an intellectual pursuit guided by their charismatic history professor. A native of the Buffalo area, the author now lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Kirkus Reviews calls Gods of Aberdeen, the author's first novel, "a malevolently thrilling coming-of-ager wrapped in a philosophical detective tale."

Presentations for Dummies and Public Speaking for Dummies Presentations for Dummies and Public Speaking for Dummies
By Malcolm Kushner, BA '74
(John Wiley & Sons, 2004)

Malcolm Kushner no doubt drew on his UB training as a speech communication major to write two books in the popular "Dummies" series. If you need to land that big consulting job or launch a new initiative at the office, knowing how to present your case is half the battle, the author reminds. Presentations offers tools and tips on organizational structure, timing, language and the best use of PowerPoint. Similarly, Public Speaking offers readers the tools needed to overcome stage fright and build rapport with an audience through skillful use of language, humor and various aids.

The Happiest Toddler on the Block The Happiest Toddler on the Block
By Harvey Karp, BA '72 & BA '72 with Paula Spencer
(Bantam Books, 2004)

Building on the success of his best-selling 2002 book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, prominent pediatrician and assistant UCLA professor of pediatrics Harvey Karp shows parents how to apply specific techniques he has developed when facing their toddler’s sleep issues, toilet training, separation anxiety, biting, picky eating and sibling rivalry, among other concerns. He also explains how to successfully use praise and positive reinforcement to shape children's behavior.

Growing Up Italian American: Memories, Customs, Heritage Growing Up Italian American: Memories, Customs, Heritage
By John M. DiBiase
(Author House, 2005)

Drawing on his upbringing in one of Buffalo's Italian enclaves, John M. DiBiase presents nine stories set in the 1930s and 1940s of immigrants from the southern part of Italy and portrays the humor, tragedy and wisdom in their lives. "John DiBiase's stories of life in an Italian-American neighborhood of bygone days are both amusing and poignant," writes Joseph Nardiello, associate professor emeritus of foreign languages at Buffalo State College.

The Roswell Debris Field: An Engineer’s Perspective The Roswell Debris Field: An Engineer’s Perspective
By Robert A. Galganski, MS ’69
(FUFOR, 2005)

Robert Galganski, a professional engineer, takes an in-depth, quantitative look at the official government position on the Roswell incident of 1947, when accounts of a flying saucer crash and alleged military cover-up provoked a still-brewing controversy. In the author's view, a 1947 Roswell Army Air Field report that the flying disk was merely mundane wreckage from a weather balloon and attached radar target does not square with multiple firsthand eyewitness testimony and other events. Nor does a similar U.S. Air Force report in 1994 successfully refute the "extraordinary physical properties" of the debris, Galganski asserts.

Second-Semester Applied Statistics Second-Semester Applied Statistics
By Robert G. Mogull, MA ’67
(Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 2004)

Second-Semester Applied Statistics is designed for a second course in statistics for undergraduate- or graduate- level classes in business and the social sciences. It is also suitable as a supplemental text for a course in research methodology. The text presents a balance of theory and mechanics, with emphases on conceptual understanding and on analyzing statistical results. Robert Mogull is professor of business statistics in the College of Business Administration, California State University in Sacramento.

Take Me To Your Leader$: A Step by Step System to Substantially Increase Sales by Establishing Executive Relationships Take Me To Your Leader$: A Step by Step System to Substantially Increase Sales by Establishing Executive Relationships
By Sam Manfer, MBA '71 & BS '69
(ALMERSA Publishing, 2003)

Sam Manfer shows how sales can skyrocket when one networks to high-level decision-makers and develops professional relationships. However, the corporate world is set up to make this very difficult, as many rebuffed salespeople can attest. The author guides the reader through the obstacles of gaining access to hard-to-see, busy people and communicating with these movers and shakers about their favorite subject—themselves. And if one feels intimidated to approach the top echelon customers, Manfer provides a system to become ready, willing and confident to overcome fear and thus negotiate effectively in the executive suite.

Keeping My Name Keeping My Name
By Catherine Tufariello, BA '85
(Texas Tech University Press, 2004)

This book of poetry, winner of the 2004 Walt McDonald First-Book Prize in Poetry, was also named a Booklist Editors' "Choice" title for 2004, and selected as one of five finalists for the 2004 Los Angeles Times Book Prize, poetry category. "In immaculate, subtly musical meter and rhyme," writes Booklist, "Tufariello conjures scenes of the city, modern history, marriage and family, love in the Italian Renaissance, and the women of the Bible that fully engage the mind and the heart." The collection includes a series of translations from Petrarch and other classic Italian love poets. Tufariello has taught literature and writing courses at Cornell University, the College of Charleston and the University of Miami. Her poems and translations have appeared in Poetry, The Hudson Review, Yale Italian Poetry and The New Penguin Book of Love Poetry.

Data Protection and Information Lifecycle Management Data Protection and Information Lifecycle Management
By Tom Petrocelli, BA '84
(Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall PTR, 2005)

Tom Petrocelli, a consultant and recognized expert in data protection issues, presents a systematic and coherent approach to planning and implementing cost-effective data protection. The author also introduces Lifecycle Management, which is intended to help readers identify their data of highest value, then choose the best ways to protect it.

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