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More responses to ‘the question’

Regina Campbell-Malone, BA ’00
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my career as a marine biologist would take me as far as Antarctica. Even more surprising was returning home for the holidays directly after the trip to find that it was far colder in Buffalo than at Antarctica!

Herb Constantine MD ’53
Since graduation I have lived in academic settings in Boston, New York City, Rochester and Philadelphia and back to Boston. Then, 40 years ago, I moved to Brown University and have lived in Providence, Rhode Island, ever since. My wife and I have loved all these cities, although my wife did not really like all the snow in Rochester.

Scott Debrow, BA ’83
I grew up in New York City. I never lived anywhere else, until the first leg of my journey—to Buffalo. My career in marketing research eventually brought me to live in Charleston, South Carolina (a far cry from my New York City upbringing).

Angela (Pedersen) Egan, BA ’76
After graduation, I went back to my native Long Island, New York, and became a quality control chemist for a few different companies, culminating in my being the quality control supervisor for Smith Kline, when they were located in Bohemia, New York. By the time they closed our plant, I was ready to embark on my next dream: to be a stay-at-home mom. My husband, Bob, and I, along with our daughter, Maureen, moved to Sicklerville, New Jersey. Now that she is in college and our son, Kevin, will enter high school in the fall, we may soon start to realize our dream of retiring to a log cabin in the woods somewhere.

Peter D. Goodman, BS ’72
Since graduation from UB and departure from Western New York, I have attended and graduated from Columbia University in New York City and the National University of Mexico, having lived for two years in that republic. I’ve resided in Michigan, and been involved in research and medical practice virtually ever since. I currently divide my time between Florida and South Dakota.

Jeanne Monk Johnson, BA ’66
For 38 years, I have been employed as a social worker for Niagara County Department of Social Services. I am a supervisor of the adoption/homefinding unit in the child welfare division. I am married to a ’67 UB graduate, and we have two children. UB started me on my career that gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Samuel A. Lauber, BA ’71
I’ve traveled with my degree from UB as far as Germany and Holland while working as a civil servant with the U.S. Army for 17 years in Europe. Even though I am not European, I loved Europe and miss it a lot!

Bruce Lawson, BS ’95
Since graduation, I have lived in Ohio, Maryland, California, Florida and now Italy. I have also traveled as part of my job to Spain, Germany, Greece, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq.

Scott Lindstrom, MBA ’99 & BS ’95
[I would cite my] one-year “expat” assignment in Kochi, India. I have also taken numerous business trips to Paris, Besançon, Le Mans, La Ferté-Bernard, all in France; Juarez and Hermasillo in Mexico; Dongguan, PRC; Hong Kong and Singapore.

Alma Martinez-Striker, BA ’78
I have been very blessed to have traveled with my job and still enjoy what I do. I work with the San Antonio Sports Foundation as the director of youth programs. I am also the manager of five Olympic sports with the community Olympic development program, which is associated with the United States Olympic Committee. This job has given me the opportunity to travel extensively.

Henry Musilli, BS ’50
I graduated with a BS in business administration and had to move to Indianapolis to pursue a job in sales covering the state of Indiana. I have lived in Indianapolis ever since. I periodically return to UB for the Homecoming football game. I played on the team in 1946 and 1947.

Nikit Nain, MS ’01
After I graduated from UB, I moved to California to begin my job as a transportation engineer. I obtained my professional licensure (PE, civil) and quickly moved up the ranks, thanks to my colleagues, supervisors, my hard work and intellect. I now regard these individuals as my lifelong friends. It was a very fulfilling experience for me, professionally and personally.

Barbara Parrino, BA ’03
Since graduating from UB two years ago, I have spent time in Italy, Egypt, Taiwan and Thailand. I returned to the United States nine months ago and am now living and working in New York City.

Susan Goldberg Rifkin, DDS ’82 & BA ’78
Upon graduation from dental school, I migrated south with a brief stop in Richmond, Virginia. After teaching at the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry for a term and associating briefly with a large dental practice, the weather continued to keep me chilled. I continued my move south to finally reside in Atlanta, Georgia, where I have been fortunate enough to raise a family and build my own dental practice for the past 21 years. As a native Syracusan, I always loved Buffalo minus the cold winters. However, Atlanta is home now and I have watched the city grow in the last 21 years by leaps and bounds. I must admit that despite the overwhelming traffic jams, the weather is a delight. I do still reminisce [about the area] with all my upstate and western New York patients.

Kimberly Ring, BA ’85
In the advertising industry, moving from job to job is a normal part of one’s career. My first job was in Washington, DC. From there, I moved to Chicago, then to Detroit, back to Chicago, and I’m now in Tucson, Arizona.

Bilal Salahuddin, MS ’01
After my graduation from UB (MS in construction engineering and management), I went to New Jersey. I currently work in Manhattan and am proud of the fact that UB is viewed as a very distinguished and honorable by my colleagues and by the industry in general.

Marc Stenzel, BA ’73 & BS ’73
The year after graduating, I moved to southern California. While there, I met my wife, and our first daughter was born at Santa Monica Hospital. I now live in northern California. My jobs over the last 30 years have taken me across Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and India.

Jeanne Elder Werner, EdD ’69 & EdM ’65
My journey has taken me to Alabama, Texas, Nevada and Georgia in my academic life. In my business life, I had clients in six states and Washington, DC. My journey continues internationally as I travel the world in retirement.

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