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Lauren Fix
BS ’86 in Management
Home: Lancaster, NY
Married, two children
Hobbies: gourmet cooking, working out

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Lauren Fix
Car Coach builds career around love of automobiles

Story by Pat Pollock

Lauren Fix
Photo: DWJ Television 

Winning race car driver; team manager of a Trans-Am series racing team; business entrepreneur; director of a performance racing driving school; host of her own DIY network TV show; guest expert and authority on automotive topics; journalist; author; mother of two children soon to be driving—that’s Lauren Fix. Add her recent gig on Oprah Winfrey’s 2005 Live Your Best Life Tour and you’ll discover an amazing woman.

Fix loves her work, sharing her knowledge of car care, driving skills, vehicle selection and maintenance and safety issues on a moment’s notice. Known as the Car Coach, she is articulate, adept and comfortable on camera in front of millions of viewers, as she gets her messages across using non-technical language.

She learned about cars as a 10-year-old from her father, George Jonas, an automotive engineer. She discovered autocross racing in high school and set up a driving course in the parking lot for her senior speech project on how to race a car.

As an undergraduate in the UB School of Management, Fix took night classes, summer sessions and day classes to accelerate her progress toward graduation. After college, her first job was an entrepreneurial success: Driving Ambitions Driving School at Watkins Glen, New York.

Lauren Fix’s first appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996 was a professional breakthrough; she has returned as a contributor many times since. This spring, Fix participated in the Live Your Best Life Tour, presented in Denver, Washington, DC, and Dallas. The Tour’s goal was to give women the tools and motivation to meet the challenges of everyday living, with speakers such as an exercise expert, a motivational expert and Fix.

“Every day we drive some type of transportation, some kind of vehicle,” she began, when it was her turn on the tour. “Women make 85 percent of the buying decisions; 85 percent of the maintenance decisions. We are so powerful that we have 95 percent veto power when it comes to a car. We own 60 percent of the cars out there ….”

When Winfrey took the stage, she spoke of defining one’s purpose, finding one’s destiny. Fix appreciates those elements: “For me, it’s helping people to feel more empowered, less intimidated about cars. I like to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Lauren Fix is still in high gear—her future includes a new TV show and two more books; someday, she’d like to market her own line of products.

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